Friday, October 31, 2008

Flotsam and Jetsam

Has it been that long since I last posted? Wow. Between working, worrying and being obsessive about the upcoming election and enjoying this wonderful cool, windy weather, I’ve just kind of bowed out of the blogging world for a while. I guess that’s why I have my little “Blogging Without Obligation” (BWO) logo on my website.

Speaking of work, this time of year is when everyone goes crazy at my office in preparation for our large annual conference that we sponsor. It starts next week and will be in Dallas, Texas. Let me just say right from the start that I’ve always dreaded going to our conference. I’m a real reserved and introverted kind of gal and being around 20-25,000 people for a week stresses the heck out of me. Plus, since our association is the host, all us staffers have to be all smiles and “How can I help you” Bleh! So, this year I took a chance and asked my boss about a month ago if I could stay here and not travel to the conference. He actually said he had no problem with it, and it has been like a great weight has been taken off of me. I think I must have told him once a week how much this means to me to NOT have to go. Such a relief, you will never know.

So, what else has been happening in my little world. Well, about three weeks ago my sister and niece came over to go to my little town’s Takoma Street Festival. We had a good day and came back to my house to chat for a while. Sweet Pea was craving attention and my niece kept laughing at him because his tongue kept sticking out of his mouth. All you cat owners have seen it. A cat is cleaning himself and stops and the tongue is still sticking out a bit. Well, Sweet Pea’s tongue never went back in his mouth. As cute as it was it, it was out of the ordinary and it made me take note to watch him closely over the next week. He was still acting very normal, happily racing around the house, trilling and meowing. He was eating and drinking regularly. Then, on Columbus Day I was throwing treats to all the cats and when Sweet Pea looked up I noticed something dripping from his mouth. It was blood. It was so shocking but Sweet Pea, again, was not acting like anything was wrong. I tried to see my vet that day but he was all booked until the next morning. When I brought him in the vet found a decaying, rotten tooth that needed to come out. Luckily, I thought that might be the case and fasted him overnight so they could take him in that day. I got a call from the vet around 4:00 that afternoon to say that they actually had to take out FOUR teeth! Oh, poor Sweet Pea!! He had to stay overnight and I picked him up the following afternoon. He was on pain medication and antibiotics and needed to eat only soft foods for a few days. Boy, did I feel guilty. I talked to my vet and, I guess to make excuses for myself, stated over and over that he showed absolutely no symptoms of being in any pain. I also told him that since all my cats have been rescued as adults, I’ve never been able to look in their mouths, much less brush their teeth. The vet reassured me that some cats just won’t show the usual symptoms and the owners never find out until something catastrophic happens (like bleeding from the mouth).

Here is Sweet Pea just a few minutes after I let him out of his carrier when we returned from the vet. He ran straight for his catnip body pillow and rabbit-kicked the heck out of it! I think he needed to let off a little steam.

Anyway, Sweet Pea is back to acting crazy silly again, maybe even a little more lively. I’m sure his mouth must feel a whole lot better. Poor guy must have been in pain for quite some time.

A few nights ago when we were getting a cold front moving through, it was incredibly windy and cold (my kind of weather). I opened the storm door at some point and Woody got out. For someone not that bright (I can’t even call him a pea brain—Woody is a lentil brain), he sure knows how to sneak his way behind me and scoot out the door. Since Woody was a stray, he certainly knows his way around my yard so I just sighed and let him run, chase leaves and climb trees for a while. After about a half hour I went out on the front porch to call him. C’mon Woody…..come, come, come, come….W O O D Y…. He came barreling up the front porch and into the house. At the same time, I heard this galloping across my roof. Now, who is that?

Oh, look, its Trouble the raccoon!

He heard me calling and was hoping for a handout. Sorry, buddy. I'm all out of grapes.
Then there is this election coming up. A friend of mine sent me the cutest button so I tried to show it off as best as I could

Hmm, a little blurred

Sweet Pea: "I do not like to be used for your political propaganda!"

And finally.....



Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

That last picure is a "pile o' puddies!" Loved the shot of Trouble peeking around the roof corner thinking maybe? If I look cute- maybe...?

I'm really enjoying the cool too. I'm really not a summer heat gal.

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Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

I'm the same. Reserved and introverted and hate being around a crowd of people. My friend's have given up on me as far as inviting me to different parties and such.

I am glad Sweet Pea is well from the tooth pulling. Very beautiful cat.

Trouble is just too cute. His picture peeking around at you is precious. Lisa

KGMom said...

Oh Christine--I am laughing, (and symphathizing) all at once.
First, let me commisserate--as one introvert to another. I am not working in an environment where I need to go to conferences, but when I did--I hated them. HATED THEM. I am one of those types that when I have a job to do, I am fine--I can do it, including public speaking. But the social parts--small talk, etc.--I hate that part. Even though I know I am an introvert, I still shrink.
Poor Sweet Pea--actually, my son had a similar instance with his one cat--bleeding from his mouth, and the vet found bad teeth.
And Trouble the raccoon--what a character. He certainly is domesticated, isn't he?
Finally--you have a buttons--Cats for Obama--oh, I want one too!
Good to find you back in the blogging world.

possumlady said...

Lynne: Pile o' puddies! I love it. Will have to remember that one.

Lisa and Donna, you know, I think if we took a poll, the majority of bloggers would classify themselves as introverted. So much nicer to get to know someone, one-on-one through blogging. Our conference nights are filled with receptions but I learned years ago to skip all of those. In fact, last year I didn't even go out to eat with anyone and went straight from our office at the convention center to my room and ordered room service. It was really the only way I survived the week. Much, MUCH better to be back here while everyone else if in Dallas! I'm lovin it!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Easy for you. I am off to Dallas tomorrow. And, I have to share a room with my Board President--can you imagine?! Also, it is difficult to be away from home on election night. Fortunately, my roommate is also an Obama fan. I spent several hours working for the campaign today. I don't know what I'll do if he doesn't win. Glad Sweet Pea is better. Enjoy your quiet week at work!! Cat59

Dorothy said...

Oh gosh Christine, I'm late reading your blog! But I'm SO HAPPY Pennsylvania came to its senses (as well as the whole country)! Your pictures are terrific...I laughed and laughed at the raccoon!!! I'm so glad Sweet Pea is OK...and I LOVE that button!!!!

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Don't beat yourself up about not knowing the teeth were in bad shape.

Something similar happened to me several years ago--when what I thought to be one bad tooth, turned out to be many.
The operation was serious. I felt horrible.
But a couple days later, we had our cat "back."
Cats hide their discomfort well.

Dog_geek said...

Hi Possumlady - I'm glad to hear all your updates! I'm sorry about Sweat Pea's dental ordeal - cats are just so much harder than dogs when it comes to things like dental care.

(By the way, I always thought lentils were smarter than peas. Is this wrong?)