Friday, February 13, 2009

Por Vou

Ain't it the truth!
I'm already getting nervous about not having access to the internet at home, due to my faulty laptop. I had decided some time ago to take next Tuesday off after Presidents' Day and just realized this morning that that means FOUR WHOLE DAYS with no access to the internet! Can she survive? Will she feel completely shut off from the whole world?
I'm trying to look at this from a positive point a view. The internet can be such a distraction when I'm trying to get work done around the house. Also, I have a little art project that I've been diddling with for weeks now and maybe this forced break will allow me really get into a creative spirit and finish the darn thing!!
Now don't go and do anything crazy while I'm not able to read about it!! Please wait until next Wednesday ;-)
Happy Valentines Day!


KGMom said...

I completely understand your concern--I can't go without a computer.
But you are also right--it does chew up time.
Some mornings I will realize I have frittered away several hours--checking email, playing computer games, reading blogs and Facebook.
Hope you survive--Happy Valentines Day to you.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Christine! I would be lost without my computer. It is a distraction though. I'll be doing something, stop and go on the net. Telling myself that it will only be for a couple of minutes. A couple hours later, I'm back to doing what I was supposed to be doing.
Enjoy your four day weekend. Lisa

Dog_geek said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! Sometimes it is good to step away from the computer for a while, but I still hope that you get yours fixed soon!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I want to put my face in that box and nuzzle that little kitty!
Happy Valentine's Day to you too (late)

KGMom said...

LET US KNOW if you are surviving.

Elin said...

Nice Photo!
Hey friend, have u take the gift from me?

jessica said...

how lovely~~~