Friday, May 28, 2010

Elephant Fluff

On this Friday before Memorial Day weekend, I leave you with a happy Ele video. I've been meaning to post this before but, well, you know.

This video was taken in March. It shows Shirley and Tarra being very silly. This is a wonderful video since at 64 years old, Shirley is the oldest elephant at the Elephant Sanctuary and the matriarch of the herd and while she is pretty mellow and sweet, silly just isn't in her repertoire. Shirley has had such a tragic life in the circus. You will notice that one of her back legs is misshapen from when a bull elephant attacked her at a circus event and broke her leg, but she was never taken for treatment. You can see part of one of her ears missing from a fire when she was on a boat that had caught on fire while being brought to a circus. More recently, she has lost two of her dear ele friends in the last three years and the Sanctuary has been finding her many times off in the woods alone.

Tarra on the other hand is the gadfly of the herd. Wanting to makes friends with everyone and always wandering around with her dog, Bella. It has been amazing watching her spend more and more time with Shirley. Caregivers at the Sanctuary insist that they can tell that Tarra senses that Shirley needs extra care and some silliness now and then. Watching Shirley respond in kind is truly heartwarming. Keep an eye out at around 1.53 in the video as Shirley strategically positions her bad leg to give Tarra a little kick! Oh, also make sure your sound is on.

Enjoy and have a restful and thoughtful Memorial Day weekend.

(Dang, the right side of the video is cut off. If anyone knows how to fix, let me know--thanks).


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

It's just so amazing to watch a connection that we don't fully understand, one that is obviously deeper than we think.

KGMom said...

I just LOVE elephants. And am so happy to be a fan of Elephant Sanctuary.

seybernetx said...

Not sure if you are checking comments any more or not. But there are a few things that you could do to fix that 'trim' problem. The real problem is that the space for the blog post is narrower than the YouTube video. The solution is to either make the video smaller, or the blog area bigger.

Editing the HTML is easiest, if you are familiar enough with HTML to try that. The HTML coding YouTube supplies for the embed code is not all that complicated, IF you are familiar with HTML. If not, you could still take a shot at it. The strings you need to change are the width and height values, but the are specified in two places in the embed string. From this YouTube video, the strings are 'width="480" height="385"'. Keep them in proportion, and make the width smaller. You will probably have to play with things a bit to get something you like.

Another option is to go to a different blog template. That is likely more work than you are willing to do for a dormant blog, but most of the newer Blogger templates are wider, to support bigger images and videos.

Last and least is to try to edit the template you are using now. Possible, but tricky, and can be a lot of work, especially since the Blogger templates I've looked at do a lot of complicated 'indirection' (for lack of anything else to call it) so they can reuse a lot of HTML coding.

Jean said...

I love the stories of the Elephant sanctuary especially Bella and Shirley. I have cried over several of the videos I have seen on Youtube.