Monday, March 23, 2020

Like a Phoenix - she rises!!

Hi all,

Who knows who will ever see this. I had completely forgotten how to log into my blogger account but just figured it out! Going on 10 years since I blogged last. So much has happened in the past 10 years I don't know where to start. I guess it always comes down to the cats. Since 2010 I've lost almost all the gang -- in 2011, Apu; in 2012 dear sweet Woody and Chloe; in 2013 Possum (who I only had five months; 2015, Chunky Lisa; 2016 Figaro; and in 2018, Sweet Pea and Toby. I now have only Ollie and I rescued another stray in the fall of 2018, my darling Clementine. So, two inside and outside, two semi-feral strays, Mica and Kiko that I feed and watch over.

Well, that's all for now. Let's see if I can even get it posted!! Hope all is well with everyone self-isolating!!!!


Pia K said...

Stopping by to leave a comment and a heartfelt THANKS for the lovely comment you left in my end of June-post. It's always a comfort when people can relate, and not least that they take the time writing/commenting. Someone on Instagram wrote sth like "Do things that make you happy and don't be an a-hole and everything will work itself out" - pretty much the best advice I've had for 5 months...
I hope you and your cats are doing alright in the circumstances. None of us humans (if we're honest and sane) can possibly doing great currently, it's an international trauma, on many levels, so one day at a time, treasure every little happy thing, cuddle the cats and just wait for better times to come. <3

Ida said...

Hey, I don't know if you are still blogging or not but I wanted to thank you for the nice comment you made on my blog regarding the loss of our sweet kitty, Captain Cuddles. - By your post here I know you are a cat lover and have experienced the loss of losing your furry friends as well. I hope all is well for you and that you have kitties to still love and cherish.