Friday, February 23, 2007

Cats, Cats and a visitor (maybe a relative?)

Okay, I said this wasn't going to be a blog on just cats and if you look through the few posts you will note that I haven't focused on them at ALL. So I think we are due. Ah, too bad--I was going to include a couple of videos, but I tried to upload them like I do photos and it didn't work :(

What do cats do when they are trapped inside the house all day and night because of cold weather?

Figgy and Chloe playing tug of war with my old tennis shoes.

Then Figgy gets bored with that. What's on the Tele?

Figaro is the only cat I know that actually watches television. Since I watch so many nature programs there are usually great sounds and running animals. He has actually jumped on the tv and looked behind it to see where a bobcat went!!

Then I was ready to close up and go to bed last night with the winds howling with gusts up to 55 mph, I found this little friend looking for a snack

My namesake

Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be heading to a Home and Garden show tomorrow with my sister. I really need some inspiration to get my bathroom remodeled and get someone to work on the vacant-lot of a backyard.

Time for dinner. Looks like it will be the last scraps of the bowl of my chocolate chili and a beer. Whowee do I lead an excitin life!!


Anonymous said...

Okay; I'll ask. What's chocolate chili?

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the delay in responding. I always have a hard time leaving comments on my own blog!! Somehow blogger doesn't like me that way! I love chocolate chili! It has unsweetened cocoa, cinnamon, allspice and cloves. A lot of depth and complex flavors!