Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nothing Special

I had a terrible day at work today. Yesterday was no picnic either. The time after our big annual conference and before the holidays is usually a time of quiet. A time to catch your breath and play catch up. But it is not that way this year. Our Board continues to push us along and my boss continues to say "yes, we can do that...and MORE" Everyone is stressed. My boss, who is usually a very easy-going guy, has snapped at me more times in the last week then I can remember. I've just about had it. Oh if I were only 10 years older, I would tell them to shove off. Our holiday party is Thursday afternoon and I honestly am stressed thinking about how much time the party will take away from all the other things I need to be doing. This is the first year since our office started collecting toys for charity for the holidays that I have nothing to offer. I just completely forgot about it and I have no time to run out to a Target. I'm suffering from a bad case of the blahs or some serious ennui.

So, I'll just post some photos that really don't belong in any story.

Here's Toby last week the day after our snowfall. All the cats stayed in that day but I could not get Toby to come inside. I think by the time I got home from work though, he was more then ready.

Crouching Woody---Hidden Sparrows. I'm embarrassed to point out the vertical streaks on the window where Woody sticks his nose all day.
I was trying to get a photo of the Red Bellied woodpecker but I think my neighbor brushing off his car thought I was taking a photo of him!

And, lastly, here is Greybeard helping me navigate all the blogs I try to read. He would literally keep his paw on me the entire time if I didn't push it off occasionally. For a cat paw it is surprisingly heavy when you are trying to type!

Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow. Good night!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I haven't been blogging lately, as you've probably noticed! Sorry you are having such a tough time at work. Sounds miserable. The photos of the cats made me smile. Isn't it wonderful to come home to all that love?

Mary said...

Oh, God. By now, I hope you enjoyed your party and everything that's been pissing you off is behind you.

Keep nature close to you. Cats, birds, outdoors - truly is MEDICINE.