Saturday, August 23, 2008


Yes, that's right, Possumlady has just begun her MUCH needed two week vacation or staycation since Iwon't be going anywhere. The first week I'll be doing projects around the house, hence the gardening and cleaning gloves (except on Monday since that is a special day!) Then, the second week I'll do whatever I darn well please. Reading magazines, going for walks, doing a little sketching. I bought fixins to make myself yummy and healthy smoothies for breakfast every day. Oh, and of course I need my chocolate! My cats are going to be so spoiled with me home for so long. Get out those crayolas and color me tickled pink!!


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Yay Christine!! You deserve some time for yourself. I reall hope you enjoy yout staycation- even the working, house jobs parts!

So, Monday wouldn't be your birthday would it??

Dog_geek said...

Sounds fabulous! I'm jealous. Of course, if I did a staycation, I would probably spend the first week sleeping and the second week eating, so it would probably be wasted on me. Have a great time!

KGMom said...

Have a wonderful relaxing time.
I think I'd add a couple of long baths, and some hot tea to the agenda.

Anonymous said...

Color me tickled pink. . .hahaha You have gotten quite good at this blogging. Yes, Monday is a very special day. Any plans? And, yes, good thing you've finally caught up with me--my memory is not so good either! Can you believe we are now older than we were when I married Dave? He turns 64 on Wed.!! P.S.--I love dog geek's comment--that's exactly how I would spend a two week staycation! Lots of love, Cat59

possumlady said...

Hi all, thanks for the good wishes to the next two weeks. Lynne, yes Monday is my birthday! Not quite the big one but pretty close--49.

Dog geek you gave me an idea on how to spend my birthday--maybe staying in bed??!! Probably not. Too many mouths to feed and the cats would probably be jumping up on me all day long.

Donna, baths sound great. Hot tea? Maybe ice tea ;-)

Cat59, yes memories are fading. The mind is a terrible thing to waste!! Wish Dave a VERY happy 64!! We Virgos need to stick together.

possumlady said...

Oh and Cat59, glad you like the "color me tickled pink" as it is a line from The Simpsons!!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Would you mind sending me your email?

I'm at l dot schoenborn at comcast dot net.

lynne at hasty brook

Anonymous said...

To be read on Monday, August 25th (I have to write it now or else I will forget!)

To be sung aloud to the tune of the happy birthday song:

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Christine,
Happy Birthday to you!!!

Hope you enjoy your virtual birthday cake!


possumlady said...

Awww, thanks Cat59!!

Lynne! that was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time! Thanks so much! Reminded me of the show Lancelot Link with Mata Hari--remember that! Thanks again and yes, I'm definitely thinking about WV next spring!