Monday, August 25, 2008

There's Something in the Air

Did you notice already this morning that there was something special about today? Did the air smell cleaner? Fresher? Was there a spring in your step?

Maybe it is because it is POSSUMLADY'S BIRTHDAY!!!

Since it is my birthday today I'd like to ask you all a favor. No, you don't all have to wish me a happy birthday (I'm not THAT desperate--well actually I am). No, I'm asking those who frequently visit but never comment to just give me a shout out that you exist! I do have statcounter so I know the areas around the country and world where everyone comes from and I do notice that some folks come back a number of times but never leave a comment--which is fine since I do that too! But just for today, let me know who you are! I'd like to say hi.

In return, I'll leave you with this video I shot last evening. I don't know if you will be able to see anything. When I looked at the video, it filled my whole screen so I was able to see everything. Making it small enough for blogger now I'm not sure. What it is, is an evening sky filled with swifts and dragonflys!! You will notice from my comments that I think the swifts are eating the dragonflys but now after watching it a number of times I really think both the dragonflys and the swifts were eating mosquitos!! If anyone can confirm this please do.

Enjoy and give me a shout out!!


Dog_geek said...

Happy Birthday! I hope that you have a wonderful day!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Hippo birdie two ewes,
Hippo birdie two ewes,
Hippo birdie Dear Christine-
Hippo birdie two ewes!

Hope it's a perfect day and yes I do remember Lancelot Link!

I've never seen a swift. They sure are amazing flyers! I think they were all putting on a show for YOU!

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

We didn't see the dragonflies, but did the swifts. We have those, and don't think they eat the dragons, either. We always have babies in our chimney, and love to listen to them.

Thank you for stopping by our blog to wish our foster cat Shay well.
Sadly he had to be helped to The Bridge yesterday at the ER vet. He was much more sick than our vet said he was.

We hope you have the Best Birthday ever today!!

~ Timothy and The Bunch

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Happy Birthday Christine. I hope you are spending your day doing something you enjoy and not cleaning the house on the official first day of your two week vacation. Can you tell I'm jealous?

I don't know that much about swifts or dragonflies to give an answer, but I hope that both were eating the bugs. There is a very large number of dragonflies at Cape May Point Park. They are fun to watch. They way the flit around and hover is pretty interesting to watch.

Well time to go. Enjoy your b-day and vacation. Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hey Birthday Girl! Well, I did remember today. That's what happens when you are the only one in the office and you are procrastinating. The video was interesting. I could see little flitting shadows that I thought might be the dragonflies. What a show. Hope you are enjoying your day. Cat59

Anonymous said...

Hey, Birthday Girl!

Does the statcounter register a location down the hallway? LOL!

Those Fat Cats are just adorable!

Hope you're enjoying your special day. :-)))


KGMom said...

So, how's the staycation going? Good timing--staycation and birthday coinciding.
A place I used to work always gave employees the day off on their birthdays. That was nice--a moving holiday that no one else shared.
Hope you are having a super week--and have time to video more swifts, or whatever crosses your camera lense.

Anonymous said...

Hey Possumlady, where are you? I thought you would post more often to tell us about your staycation. I hope it's going well. Cat59

Dorothy said...

Oh I am so sorry I didn't know it was your birthday a week ago yesterday!!! I hope it was a happy day for you and that your year goes along spendidly for you!!!


Mary said...

I saw the dragonflies.

Happy Birthday, Christine!

Sorry I'm SOOOOOO LATE. But I took a break, too.