Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Trees, Snow, and Bookcases

I've never had a Christmas Tree of my own. I do love looking at them but they always seemed like too much bother for me. It's hard enough keeping my head above water trying to keep my house in order and all the animal inhabitants healthy and sated. The idea of getting a Christmas Tree, or Christmas decorations for that matter, did not appeal to me at all.
Then my mom passed away in February of 2005. While my family in Minnesota were going through her things they asked if I wanted her little table-top artificial tree, prelit, and it came with a number of little ornaments. Oh yes, please! So, since then, Possumlady has had a Christmas Tree with the BIGGEST surprise being that the cats completely leave it alone! Yesterday was the day to put it up.

Isn't she a cute little thing! You probably can't see them but years ago someone gave me a dozen cute little painted wood cat ornaments that I finally found and added this year.

We are getting the coldest weather of the season this weekend. The wind is starting to pick up and we should be getting gusts up to 40 mph bringing the windchill to the single digits today! Last night we had our first snowfall. Just a dusting on the branches this morning but it was pretty nonetheless. I took a little video and not sure if you will be able to see anything but I'll give it a shot.

I think two of the most dreaded words are "assembly required." I've been looking for a small bookcase for my bedroom for over eight months. I know what I'm looking for. Something with a little style, not just a basic rectangle. I've scoured flea markets, Craigslist, used furniture stores and catalogs. I finally found one that was the closest to what I was looking for from the catalog Plow and Hearth. Yes, it has the dreaded "assembly required" attached to it, but really, how hard could it be???

Here is everything right out of the box
Little Oliver checking that things are in order

Sweet Pea--Possumlady's official Snooperviser.
And this is as far as I've gotten. Why? Because the left-hand side does not line up with the holes drilled into the ledges. It's off by just a hair. Arrgh!!!! I don't want to send it back because if I can get it together I really to love how it looks. I think someone with knowledge of power tools will need to come over and drill the holes a little wider on one side for it to fit. Any takers???


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I could see the snow in the yard light. We're having pretty cold temps and that wind too. Brrr.

I love your little tree. It's so nice that it came from your Mom. I'm sure she smiles seeing it with you.

Don't you just hate it when assembly means modifying too? It feels like such a cheat to me. Hope you find a friend with a drill.

Dog_geek said...

I love the little tree! We haven't had a Christmas tree the past several years, since we aren't here for Christmas.

"Snoopervisor" - what a great word! I may have to add that one to my vocabulary!

Good luck with the shelves!

KGMom said...

I do love the little tree. Perfect.
And Sweet Pea--good snoopervisor for sure.
Oh, grrrr--just off by a hair. I hate that. I guess you will have to go looking for someone with a drill. Maybe make some cookies and work a deal!

Anonymous said...

Snow!! It has been for more than 8 years i last seen show, we don't get 4 seasons back in Malaysia. :)

Love your Christmas tree, it's real cute!

missfinn said...

that tree is definitely cute! that shelves, well, my Mommie Finn is hopeless in that department too:(
Good luck! ;p


Mary said...

I could see the snow!!!!! Yay!

Your little tree is perfect, Christine. More importantly, someone you love once adored it, too. Sweet.

I hate "assembly required" too. I always get a little panicky when I try to assemble things because it's not easy for me. I hope you find someone handy with a drill. Let's see the finished job!


possumlady said...

Well the little bookshelf is still waiting for a kind soul to fix it. I have been going crazy at work preparing for our board meeting that takes place 3 days AFTER we return from holiday break!!! I'd really like to get one of my cats to give a good WHAP or bitey on the person who thought of those dates! Already had an angry exchange with my boss last week about it.

I DO need to be thankful though. With all that is going on with the economy and jobs, our offices are closing for the holiday after the 19th and not opening up until January 5. The best thing is that we are all getting PAID for those two weeks off!!!

And, I've been a neglectful host in not welcoming CazzyCazz and Jimbo to Possumlady Place!! Thanks for your comments! Wow, Malaysia! very cool. My hairdresser is from Malaysia. It sounds beautiful there but I could never live there because of the humidity and lack of cold weather!!

Anonymous said...

Snoopervisor. I love it! We've had that irritation before with holes drilled just a hair off. So annoying. Good luck with that. Oh, and your tree is very nice.

Anonymous said...

Just read your comment about the Board meeting 3 days after holiday break. Yikes! What an awful thing. Try not to think about it while on vacation :-)