Saturday, September 6, 2008

What Has Possumlady Been Doing

For now, I, along with everyone else here in the DC metro region is anticipating the arrival of Hanna. So far we've just been getting bands of light rain with no winds. The newscasts say the high winds and heavy rains should start around 10:00 this morning. I'm waiting for 9:00 to come so I can make a two block dash to my co-op to get some fresh french bread and some "happy hens" free range organic eggs.
Of course I didn't get any of the projects done that I had planned for the inside. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous these past two weeks. With the exception of yesterday and today, my AC has been off the entire time and windows have been wide open to let in the dry air. I have to say that the first week off was a bust. I found myself dragging all week, taking naps and watching mindless TV. Then as last weekend came I suddenly got more energy and started my outside plans. The biggest job I accomplished was cleaning my gutters!! What an ordeal that was!! I've hired people occasionally to clean my gutters but I never thought they did a very good job (especially on the after clean up). So for the last three years the gutters have been filling up with who knows what. With the economy as it is I'm trying to cut way back on spending so I made up my mind that I just had to grit my teeth and do it myself. Now, I'm not a big fan of heights and the 8-foot ladder that I borrowed from my neighbor was wobbly and kept slipping. I had to steel myself every time I stepped up to the highest rung and pray that it didn't topple over.

Ahh, freshly cleaned gutters just in time for Hanna! If you look at the upper right hand side you will see that this side of the porch gutter did not get cleaned as it is right next to my electric lines. I have no idea how I'm going to clean that little piece. My neighbor thinks I need to get on the porch roof. I think not.

I also found this beautiful feather just sitting on top of my gutters. Obviously way too big for the normal back yard birds. Anyone have an idea as to who it might belong too? A hawk?

After the gutter cleaning (which took two days) I turned my attention to jungle removal. Yes, my side yard is THAT bad. The back yard is just as bad but my neighbor put me in touch with the folks who work on her yard and their card reads "lot cleaning" so I'm going to see what they will cost to sweep in and clean up my back yard once and for all.

But for now, I filled four big trash cans with yard debris from the side yard and still have not made much of a dent.

Then my eye turned to an old wicker rocker that I had sitting up against the side of my house. It has certainly seen better days but I do like it as the more timid outside cats like to sleep there far from the Madding crowd on my front porch. So I decided to spray paint it. Lordy it took me forever to try to decide on one of two colors when I was at Home Depot. Just when I thought I would go insane my eyes glanced at the price--$3.47 a can. D'oh! I think I can afford to purchase both cans and see what I like best on the chair.

The blue is called Wildflower Blue and the green, Green Apple, though it really is more like a celery. As you can see I really liked the green and decided to go all the way with it.

Here it is with just the first coat on. Shabby Chic indeed! I like the color so much I may even paint the wicker love seat and chair that is currently on my front porch. Give the porch a little boost of color.

Yesterday was spent getting the second coat of paint on the rocker while also picking up and storing any loose items in my yard that might get blown away today. I also did two loads of laundry since my unfinished basement in this 1927 bungalow gets wet during heavy rains.

Today I'll try to rearrange my bedroom and do some basic clean up. All in all a delightful two week break from the world. I won't say that I'm looking forward to going back to work on Monday but the thought doesn't depress me either.

The cats, though will really miss having me around. Here is chunky Lisa Marie in her new favorite sleeping spot.

Have a good weekend and say a little prayer that my electricity stays on and we receive no damage from Hanna.


Dog_geek said...

Sounds like you have been busy! Our house is an A-frame, which makes working on the roof very difficult, but cleaning the gutters is a snap - no ladder needed! Good lukc with Hannah - hope she doesn't fill your gutters again!

KGMom said...

I am not surprised you slept and vegged for the first part of your stay-cation. Sometimes we just need to regenerate.
Cleaning gutters--ugh. We finally had a guy come and put nifty gutter caps on, so no more leaves in the gutters.
Oh, wet basements. When our daughter lived in Georgetown one year, while attending college, she and her housemates were in a house on R St. She was in the basement bedroom, and when it rained, water cascaded down the steps and into her bedroom. Yuck.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

I don't blame you for taking it easy the first week. When we are on autopilot, we don't realize how tired we are until we have some down time.

I love the color you chose for the chair. Very inviting yet calming.

We weathered Hanna pretty good. Had one strong gust of wind and three inches of rain. Very little humidity today. Enjoy the rest of your day. Lisa

Dorothy said...

Sounds like your day preparing for Hanna was much like ours. My gosh, you have been such a busy bee. I'm tired after reading your blog! Hope you didn't have any problems from Hanna, and that you get a good price from the guy for the cleaning out your yard job.
Oh..and I like the green wicker chair too! Pretty!

possumlady said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I and the house weathered Hanna very well indeed. We had heavy rains and some wind until around 3:00. The rains stopped then the winds turned and started coming from the north and dried everything up and cooled things down.

The best surprise? I checked my basement yesterday morning to see what damage all the rain had done and guess what? No water at all!! The floor wasn't even damp!? I guess having clean gutters really DOES make a difference ;-)

I also forgot to mention that during the first week of my stay-cation I had to deal with a sick cat--Woody. He had some intestinal bug that had him throwing up and having severe diarrhea for three days! That meant me walking around cleaning up after him and having to wash my bed linens three days in a row! No wonder I was tired!

Donna, keep me posted on those gutter guards. I've heard conflicting reviews of them so I'd love a hands-on report! Oh, those old houses in Georgetown. Beautiful to look at, but lots of the rental ones have a lot of internal problems that students and other young renters have to put up with.

Mary said...

Busy! Hey, Christine, Hanna spat on us when we were expecting much more. It moved quickly, didn't it?

Looks like Ike will be up the pike - no danger :o)

Love that chair :o)


Julie Zickefoose said...

I think that's a red-phase screech owl secondary wing feather you've got. If it's really soft and downy on its surface (almost as if covered with fine felt) then I'm right. There's nothing else that red. Neat! Screech owls are the most common urban predator, but few of us get to see them. Nice of this one to leave a card.