Tuesday, November 18, 2008


First morning below freezing. I'm in Possumlady Heaven!!


Dog_geek said...

Noooooooo! Too cold!!! Need more blankets!

Anonymous said...

Well, Dave and I loved the video of Buddy. (BTW, I thought you had spray painted your wicker furniture this summer. Didn't you choose a pretty shade of blue or green?) Anyway, Dave had a grandfather who had a squirrel who would come to the kitchen window and eat food out of his hand. Sorry to hear about the raises or lack thereof. At our place, our Director of Operations always put money in the budget for 5% raises, but I told her this year only 3%. It's more psychological for the Board than anything. Also, I did a performance review for our Admin. Asst. who has taken on a number of conference duties and she does a great job. I raised her hourly wage from $14 to $15. She accepted it, but she was hoping for $17-19. Can you imagine! That's a huge jump. She started less than 2 years ago at $12 per hour. We had snow flurries here today. Last week it was 73 degrees, but tonight it's supposed to go down into the 20s. I'm with you--love it!!

possumlady said...

Dog-Geek: "Need more blankets" Isn't that is what your dogs and cats are for? :-) My heat goes down to 60 at night and I never feel too cold as I always have at LEAST 3 or 5 furry hot water bottles keeping me warm!

Ahhh yes Cat59. I did spray paint one chair that was in REALLY bad condition that I keep at the side of the house. I had thought I would paint the porch ones but felt they were also in bad shape and should really be replaced. But, now, I guess with a coat of paint they really won't look so bad! :-) WOW, 5% raises! I don't think I've EVER gotten one that large!

Another great word verification!
Catutod! Something my cats have in spades!