Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kitty Sitting and a Crystal Tree

My brain is mush from work this week so all I got is a post on cat sitting!!

The board agenda books went out today so that is a BIG relief. On top of that, a number of weeks ago without regard to the timing, I agreed to cat sit my neighbors' (Walter and Laurie) two cats this past week. They live just four houses up from me and the little sweeties are no problem, but it is just one more thing to remember to do.

With all the cats that I have, I only feel comfortable having my neighbor Karin take care of them when I'm out of town. After all, if it weren't for her, I would have five less cats to take care of!!With some of them needing daily medications, she's very at ease with it all. So, in exchange for taking care of Walter and Laurie's cats, Walter has been a Mr. Fixit for me and has so far fixed my doorbell and my deadbolt lock. It's really a great arrangement. Here's a couple of photos of my kitty sitting friends....

I'm sorry to say I can never remember this cat's name! She is the alpha of the two yet very sweet and gentle. I just call her Sweetie Pie. She comes by for a quick rub against my legs and LOVES the laser pointer that I bring along for my evening visit.

Then, the black flash is Xena. Definitely NOT a warrior princess, Xena is very timid. She will not come up to me and would not stay still for a proper photo. I can usually find her peeking from behind the basement door. They are both such petite things. Nothing like the big bruisers that I have.
I'll leave you with a beautiful tree that my neighbors have. It is a redbud adorned with crystals. The redbud is just starting to bloom. They've attached all different kinds of crystals to the tree and are a permanent fixture throughout the seasons. It is truly breathtaking walking past it sparkling in the morning sun. Not sure you will be able to see it from this small photo.

Have a blessed Passover and Easter everyone.


KGMom said...

What a neat idea--to hang crystals in a tree.
We do something similar in the summer--we hang copper ornaments from our green ash tree.
I love that first kitty--very pretty.
I wish you a blessed Passover/Easter weekend--get some rest! After all that board book prepping, you deserve it.

Dog_geek said...

That is one funky tree! And some pretty kitties - as though you don't have enough kitties to take care of!