Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Little Recycled Retail Therapy

Big knock on wood because Sweet Pea continues to improve and no bleeding when I got home last night or this morning!! Now, I honestly don't have any grand illusions that he is making a miraculous recovery. I still think something is very wrong, but as long as he is stable and getting stronger, that's all I can hope for.

Sunday was our little town's Street Festival. My favorite event of the year. Live music with three different bands going in different parts of the downtown, every type of food and drink (the Lime Fizzes are the BEST) and many arts and craft tents. I usually go with my sister but with the fear that Sweet Pea might bleed out, I just didn't feel I could be a very good host. I was planning on bagging it this year when my friend and neighbor, Stephanie, called around noon on Sunday and asked if I wanted to take a quick look. I thought I could be gone for about an hour and agreed to go. I told her though that with all my recent expenses, vet, car repairs, and four new tires, I was not going to be buying anything.

We started walking towards the festival when we came across a moving sale. The woman was moving to Paris(!!) and everything had to go. She had no prices on anything which turned out to be a very good thing.

I bought this plain Ikea serving tray which is a great size for carrying things out to the front porch, for one dollar.

I bought my little kitchen table that you see above (old enamel over metal top and wooden legs) at a used furniture shop a few years ago. It only came with two chairs and I've been looking for two chairs since then. They certainly didn't need to match. She had these two metal chairs that the seats had been recently updated with a pretty oilcloth. The chairs are very sturdy but I'll want to spray paint the metal. Any ideas on colors? Price for the chairs: two dollars each.

I then spotted a microwave. The only microwave I've ever had was the one that came with my house when I bought it. It must have been one of the first microwaves ever built. VERY big, with just a turn dial for the amount of minutes you wanted it to run. It took forever to melt or heat anything.
Cost of used microwave, five dollars! Just look how tiny it is, yet the inside is almost the same size as my old one, and it has a turning plate inside. (I'm really moving up to the 1980s now!) The outside of the old one though took up almost the entire shelf where the new one sits. Looks like I have some much needed space for some cookbooks.
We eventually made it to the festival. My neighbor made a lot of purchases, but I walked around not buying a thing, happy that my ten dollars were spent so wisely.


KGMom said...

Wooo hooo--what a find. Good work. And all because you weren't going to go to the craft fair!

So glad to hear the Sweet Pea update. And I'll keep saying little prayers for his continued recovery.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I'm a big garage saler and love-love-love a bargain! You really got great stuff for ten dollars.
I hope Sweet Pea continues to improve.

possumlady said...

Well, I hate to jinx it, but Sweet Pea is doing really well. Ever since last Wednesday night, every time I walk in the door after work I have this sense of dread not knowing what I'll find. Last night I walked through the door and Sweet Pea was up on the kitchen table rummaging around for something to eat. Then throughout the evening he was running around trilling and begging for treats to beat the band. Same thing this morning. I can still tell that there is something just not quite right with his tongue and how he uses it, but all other signs point to a very happy kitty. Today marks 7 days without bleeding!

Lynne, I used to go to garage sales a lot more, but most in my neighborhood are very heavy on kid stuff so I kind of stopped. Very glad I stopped by this one!

las794 said...

Nice garage sale haul! And I'm glad Sweet Pea is doing better. :)

possumlady said...

Quick update: Going on 8 days now with no bleeding! I'm always so excited when I get home and see no blood and see Sweet Pea happy and content. Then around 3-4 every afternoon at work I start worrying and wondering if everything at home is all right.

SquirrelQueen said...

Great finds, the chairs are cool. I would match one of the colors in the oilcloth.
I'm glad to hear Sweet Pea is doing better, I hope he continues to improve.

possum said...

Glad to read Sweet Pea is doing better. We had a cat who loved to eat those little twisty ties. He even managed to pass a couple. So we had to be very careful to make sure we put them where he could not find them. I have never figured why they swallow the things they do.