Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Diagnosis -- Old Age

So I went to my orthopedic doctor/surgeon today with my back/hip pain. He took down all my information and did a quick exam. I was lying on the table face up and he had me push down with my feet, then up. He then bent and raised each leg and manipulated it back and forth and up and down--no pain. He then pushed on my hips and around my (ample) stomach--no pain. He helped me to sit up and asked again--nope, no pain sitting up. He said I had good flexibility and mobility and decided to take a number of x-rays. He then walked me through the x-rays and told/showed me that I had arthritis in my lower spine. I saw how the space between the vertebra got much thinner farther down my back and how a few vertebra had these little bone spurs (arthritis) on them. (I guess I should consider myself lucky that there is nothing wrong with my hip). Alas, there is not much that can be done about it. He stressed exercises for the back and exercise itself to help strengthen my core. I will take a few PT sessions to make sure I'm doing the back exercises correctly. I REALLY need to get back into a walking program.
(photo courtesy of the internet)

While I'm happy for an explanation of the pain, I'm still frustrated by the daily pain. It's making Possumlady cranky. If you want proof of that, just ask my cats!


KGMom said...

I gotta tell you--this getting older business is phooey.
I don't mind my age, but I do mind the aches and pains.
We just signed up at a gym (again) and I hope a little extra peddling and some strength exercises will help me stay as fit as can be (for someone who is peeking at Medicare in less than a year). ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm not your old friend Rose. Just another rose in your garden of blog followers. Have patience with your back, time helps a lot. But do take time for some PT or chiropractic visits. I am now down to doing the 'old lady hobble' only part of the time. Sleeping tip: a nice fat pillow under your knees while lying on your back or between your knees while lying on your side makes for a more restful nights sleep. Getting older ain't for sissies!


possumlady said...

I totally agree Donna! I could care less about the age thing, it is the aches and pains that "pain" me. Good for you and your husband joining a gym! I have a treadmill at home and when I can get myself into the routine I always feel so much's just the getting back into the routine part that I struggle with.

Thanks for your comments Anonymous Rose! Sorry I mistook you for my old friend Rose. You can now be called my "new" friend Rose ;-).
Yes, everyone expects things to get better almost instantly. I know everyone here at work means well, but honestly, every SINGLE day they ask me if I'm "better". Well, no, I'm not. They always seem surprised when it hasn't even been two weeks yet. I really have no problem sleeping but I may try putting a pillow between my knees since I do sleep on my side. Maybe it'll help when I hobble out of bed in the morning!

Dog_geek said...

Ach. Well, I've had really good results with physical therapy, so hopefully you will as well. My problem is that I do all the exercises and my pain magically disappears, so I start forgetting to do the exercises. And then my pain magically reappears.

Kari said...

A GOOD physical therapist can work wonders, almost miracles and an average one can even make you feel a whole lot better. \
I used to watch the PT's in our district work with the orthopaedically handicapped kids and saw the miracles happen first hand.
You'll need to shop around to find one that you feel good with. Several of the ones in my hospital now just go through the motions.