Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Presents for Paws

Sorry for the "Locals Only" nature of this post, but I wanted to let anyone in the DC area who might read my blog know about this wonderful program at my local shelter.

(From the Washington Animal Rescue League's website)

For many in the Washington metropolitan area, the holidays have always imposed a strain on an already stretched family budget. With the economic crisis, this is now more true than ever. The Washington Animal Rescue League hopes to ease their burden through Presents for Paws, its annual pet food and toy drive through which low-income individuals and families receive free supplies for their pets at this particularly difficult time.

In the weeks before the holidays, the League is collecting donations of pet food, treats, toys, dog and cat beds, and cat scratching pads. The recipients are all participants in the League’s Rescuers’ Food Bank, a year-round collection and distribution program that helps low-income residents of the District of Columbia care for their dogs and cats.

“For over 90 years, the League has been working to support people who care for animals through affordable veterinary care and a variety of other programs,” explains Dr. Gary Weitzman, the League’s CEO. “And we now maintain a busy pet food and supply bank for those who struggle to care for themselves and their animals. The assistance we provide is especially critical during the holiday season, when so many could use a little extra help.”

Donations can be dropped off at The Washington Animal Rescue League, 71 Oglethorpe Street, NW, DC, during business hours. They may also be dropped off at the following businesses:

The Big Bad Woof, 117 Carroll Street, NW, DC, 202-291-2404
Doggie Style Bakery, 1825 18th Street, NW, DC, 202-667-0595
Chateau-Animaux, 524 8th Street, SE, DC, 202-544-8710
Pet Valu, 11229 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD, 301-754-3690
The Dog Shop, 1625 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, DC, 202-337-3647

I have to say that one of my most favorite things to do is to go to my local pet store and shop for cat beds, toys, food and maybe even a jaunty little doggie coat for Presents for Paws. Just warms my furry little heart.


Dog_geek said...

Sounds like a very worthy cause! We'll be donating to a few of our local animal charities - especially to those who saved our animals for long enough for us to adopt them!

KGMom said...

Don't apologize for saying good things about a group doing the right thing.
Even if we can't get there, it's nice to hear someone stepping into the fray and doing good.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Ditto what Donna said. We need to be reminded of ways to make a difference for people AND for our furry friends.

Pia K said...

what a grand and heartwarming initiative! this gets me all teary... i've had a box of cat stuff in my garden shed that i've been meaning to dnate for a stockholm cat shelter auction for years. i will have to get that done!

just popped by to say a big thank you for sharing the vegetarian menu for the obama state dinner. it was mouthwatering!

and i love your anatole france quote, so insightful and well put. oh no, i get all teary again....:)