Friday, December 4, 2009

Just a Quick Note

To let you all know I'm still alive and well. Well, alive at least. This past Monday I strained my back just getting out of my car and it's kept me from doing pretty much anything this past week. I'm fine sitting down for 15-20 minutes. Any longer and I pay the price in pain in getting back to my feet. Then I hobble around for a minute before I can walk normally. Actually, I think it's my right hip. Since I'm not a "run to the doctor" kind of gal, I've decided to wait another week before thinking about going. (I mean it took me five months to finally go to the doctor about a pinched nerve in my neck!) Ice packs help, OTC pain meds do not. And, for some reason, it seems worse at work then when I'm at home. I think it's my office chair.

Anywho, not much else going on except busily preparing for yet another board meeting in January! I need to get everything done by December 18th as that is my last day in the office until the new year. Woo Hoo!!

Finally took Sweet Pea to the vet today. My vet was flabbergasted as he could no longer feel Sweet Pea's tumor either. He said he had absolutely no idea what it could have been but agreed that his constant scratching probably dislodged whatever it was. He even put his hands on Sweet Pea and talking in a loud revival voice yelled "HEAL ME SWEETPEA!" He took another blood sample to check his CBC then pronounced him well and sent us on our way.

Whoops! Just looked at the clock and I gotta get up from this chair! Have a great weekend everyone. Maybe I'll "see" you on Farmville or Facebook. That seems to take up most my computer time lately.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Sorry about your back Christine.
But such good news about Sweetpea! Maybe you should keep him on your lap and see if he fixes your back too!!

JC said...

Glad to hear about Sweetpea ..

Have you tried the roll on pain meds for your back.

Also, there is Pain Away ...

JC said...
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KGMom said...

Great news about Sweetpea--bad news about you.
OTC meds don't help? I was going to suggest 600 mg. of ibuprofen. I have achey, creaky knees, and a big dose of ibuprofen does help. In fact, my doc prescribed 600 mg size for me. Normal size available OTC is 200 mg. I asked my doc if it's ok to take, and she said--absolutely.
Oooo--I know--get the cats to all gather around, and then KNEED on your back. And of course purr loudly. That might do it.

Anonymous said...

Thought it was my hip, too. Visited friendly chiropractor. Pinched nerve in back around waist line. Goes from there to hip and then down leg. 5 visits and I am beginning to feel much better. Just hate that 'old lady hobble' when I first get up so told him I really needed 'fixin'.


Poppy Q said...

Hope your oouchies heal up soon. Take it easy.

Kari said...

Hurrah about Sweet Pea! Boo for your hurty!

I'm going to throw my 2 cents in here and suggest you look on line on the Registered Physical Therapist sites for some positioning and stretching info that may help you. They know how to get the pressure off areas of pain and know the areas from which the pain was referred. They know what they are doing and just may help a non-doctor person find some relief.
Be sure you take info from licensed, registered PT's only.

possumlady said...

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the good wishes both for Sweet Pea and myself!

And, do my eyes trick me??? Could my long friend, Rose, FINALLY be making a comment??? This, in itself is a miracle!!!

Well, this weekend had its ups and downs regarding my back and hip pain. Like Kari mentioned, I was about to go online and look up some PT exercises but with all the work I need to get done by the holidays both at work and at home, between the pain and the slowness in getting around, I've had enough. I've finally made an appointment with my orthopedic doctor for Wednesday. (I went to him with my pinched nerve in my neck a few years ago.)

My boss also knows him and he said "you know what he'll say, don't you?" "You have a muscle strain and recommend PT" He very well may do that but at least I know he'll take x-rays before to see if I have any arthritis or bursitis. Wish me luck!

Charlemagne and Tamar said...

Glad to hear that Sweetpea is doing lots better!

Sending purrs for his continued good heal and for the Momma's pain to go away.

Have a meowy Christmouse!

Charlemagne and Tamar