Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Observing Two Anniversaries

What is the longest you ever stayed at one job? Would you ever think you could stay in one job for 20 years? Me neither. Yet, last Friday, March 12, marked my 20th anniversary at my association. I've seen board members come and go, staff come and go and now I will be going on my third Executive Director as my current boss announced in December he was leaving as of June 30th.
They had a quiet celebration for me. So quiet that, wait, they didn't have ANY celebration for me! Was I a bit peeved--yes. On one hand I could understand it as my boss was getting ready for yet another overseas trip and was already working one day a week at his new job. Plus our HR director has been away on Grand Jury duty since the beginning of February and she is the one who usually keeps track of such things. Still....

A board member was in town that day going to another conference and she stopped by to say hello. She is cycling off the board this year and was talking about how she was going to miss everyone. When she started talking about how long I had been at my association I quietly said, "well, as a matter of fact, today is my 20th anniversary". She started making a big fuss and invited me out for a drink which turned into a wonderful dinner and gab fest, all "off the record" of course!

Word must have gotten round to our HR director as I received these beautiful flowers yesterday

(Pay no attention to the mess behind the flowers)

I particularly like the mini orchid sprigs with the Spanish dancers!

Since I had my camera out I thought I'd show you my little cat and elephant tchotzkes I keep at my office.

Including a close up of a button my niece Meagan found for me. I LOVE IT (tee hee).

Now the next anniversary. Today marks the second anniversary of my sweet and gentle Butterball's death. I find it truly amazing how much I STILL miss him. Possumlady Place is again filled with laughter and little and not so little cat feet, purrs, trills and just general cat craziness. But, I still ache for Butterball, my gentle giant, my main man, my Gandhi of cats.


Lo said...

Ah, Possum Lady....if I could I would throw the most outrageous party in celebration of you....there is no doubt in my mind that you deserve it. Meanwhile, acept my fervent congratulations for your 20 years of tolerating ingrates and whatever else you'd like to recognize.
I appreciate you.

As for Butterball.....35 years ago I had to say goodbye to my "Morris" who looked exactly like your "B" and hardly a day goes by that I don't tell Gussie and Winnie and Baskin about him and how much I still miss him.

Be brave and please, blog on.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Is it really possible that Butterball has been gone two years? Oh my.

Congrats on your 20 year work anniversary.

Dorothy said...

Oh my goodness, if you had said it was a year since Butterball left, I would not be surprised, but two years!! I have a not-so-little 6 month old ball of fur who looks exactly like your photo of Butterball. We call him Blondie and he is exceptionally loving.
And biggest hugs and congratulations to you on making 20 years at your job. I just celebrated my 16th and never thought it would ever last as long.

I know what it is like to see staff come and go...same thing happened to me last year. My boss and all my co-workers retired.

Hugs to you!!!

KGMom said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY there, Christine.
It is so nice when people do sweet things--a drink, a bouquet.
It's even nicer when they do so without a mention. How could they forget?
Well, we here in this catly house say--HAPPY anniversary CatPlace Lady (we've changed it away from Possum).