Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sorry Ollie!

I guess it was bound to happen. With the wonderful weather we've been having the inside/outside kitties are spending more and more time outside. I still like to have them in the house overnight though, as referenced a couple of posts back.
Last night was a pretty warm night. Temps around 11:00 were still in the 60s. I was pretty tired having worked in the yard a bit. I got every cat inside and went to bed. This morning I woke to a cat-filled bed. It seemed like every cat was up on the bed and wanting to be cuddled and talked to. When I finally was able to extricate myself from all that fur and started walking around turning off the outside lights, I did a quick head count and kept thinking to myself "now where's Ollie?" He's a small, skinny fellow that can curl himself up pretty much anywhere but I couldn't find him. I was up before the sun and opened the front door and there he was, pawing at the storm door and crying to be let in.
Aww, I'm so sorry Ollie. I thought I had everyone in last night. Maybe this is a reminder that when I call you to come in and say this is the "last call", you will heed my words. Then again, maybe not.

Here he is curled up on my pillow. I took this photo a couple of minutes ago. When he came in he went right to the food bowl, then jumped up on my bed and has been there ever since. (Can you see his left clipped ear? He obviously got caught up in a feral colony at some point and was trapped, neutered and released. How he made it to my house is anyone's guess.)


Linda said...

Your blog is new to me. I enjoyed reading it and love your blog header photo. It's wonderful.

JC said...

I count my Purr Gang at night too. I only have five but I can't tell you how many times someone got closed in a closet over night.

I too love your porch photo ... I want it !!!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Aww poor Ollie I bet he will sleep all day now.. Love the header. Hugs GJ x

Lo said...

I have 2 that don't want to come in when it's time. I used to leave one sliding door open for them to get back in after I go to bed but since the raccoons have been coming I can't do that....they charge right in and eat everything in sight and do bad things to all the water bowls. Now, I have hardened my heart and I go to bed without much of a qualm.....they are always waiting at the door in the AM and I get at least some sleep. One must be merciless.

Charlemagne and Tamar said...

Awww - poor Ollie, having to stay out overnight. We hope that doesn't happen again and that you get to curl up on the pillow every night!

Charlemagne and Tamar

KGMom said...

Hmmm--now how do you suppose Ollie found your place?

Come on...the word is out in the cat street--psssst, want a warm bed and food? Check out Possumlady Place!

possumlady said...

Hi Linda and welcome to Possumlady Place! Thanks for your kind comments.

Hi JC, you know I usually take a head count at night before I go to bed but I was so tired and I really thought everyone was in!

Hey GJ, how are things across the pond? Has spring come to England yet?

Hi Lois, you know a lot of folks ask why I just don't have a pet door installed. Well, for one thing I do have 3 inside only cats, but the main reason is raccoons too! They have become so accustomed to me and the cats that I think they would have no fear coming into the house scavenging for food! Not something I would want to wake up to!

Hi C & T! Ollie was right at the door last night around 11:00 itching to go out but I was a meany and made him stay in.

Hi Donna, and you are right. I have a feeling that the word is out about this crazy woman who will not chase any animal away and give them food, shelter and love. It's just in my DNA.

possumlady said...

You know, I also have to give a big thank you to all of you for comments on my blog header photo! I, too, love my front porch. As you can tell, I LOVE color. I'm so lucky to have a front porch as that is an area that you can go crazy with color and not suffer any long term consequences!

Unknown said...

He's a perfect circle--very cute!