Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Hope you all are enjoying this day whether by sleeping late, eating, spending time with families and/or friends. I just returned from the Takoma Park 4th of July parade with my neighbors/friends, Stephanie and Steve. Actually, after the parade I went back to their house for an impromptu lunch/snack of pina coladas, nuts, hummus, crackers and pickles!! Very tasty! Thanks Steve and Stephanie.

I'm just going to post some photos from the parade without comment. This is a truly non-partisan day. One to celebrate one of the greatest things about this country--its rich diversity.

I don't know who this lady on the horse is, but she and her horse are at every 4th of July parade

The last few photos coming up. Well, it just wouldn't be the Takoma Park 4th of July parade without them:

Like the sign said, that's all for now. Whew, I think those pina coladas are starting to kick in. I think I'll take a nap.


cat59 said...

Very Americana! I loved the dog parade and seeing some of the homes in Takoma Park. As you will see on my blog, I did not feel much like celebrating today. Maybe if we had a nifty neighborhood parade, I would have gotten in to the spirit. I did sleep late AND took a nap and I'm taking off the rest of the week from work! I was just watching the National 4th of July celebration on the mall and the National Symphony played a medley from West Side Story. Did you know it was the 50th anniversary of that musical? Glad you had a good day.

KGMom said...

I agree with cat59--love those dogs.
Actually it looks like a very eclectic parade--a bit of this, a bit of that.
I bet the kids love it.

Mary said...

Not your average parade - seemed quite special. I love the house in the background. The dogs, young global warming activists, lady on the horse, clown, fire engine... I didn't know Girl Scouts are celebrating 95 years!

possumlady said...

cat59: I was flipping channels between the fireworks on the Mall and Sci Fi's Twilight Zone marathon (they run it every 4th of July and New Years Day). I like watching the fireworks because I can hear the ending big BOOMS without the TV!

kgmom and Mary: Yes, very special and eclectic--that is Takoma Park to a tee. One of my neighbors once had an idea for a column in our local Takoma Voice newspaper. She would interview a different resident every month and she had the perfect title for the column "A Nut on Every Block"

YES, Girl Scouts are 95 years old this year! It is such a great organization. If it weren't for Girl Scouts I would never have gone camping. That had to be one of my favorite "floats", with the little dolls around a campfire and their teeny tiny pup tent--priceless!!

nina at Nature Remains. said...

I've tagged you for the Eight Random Facts meme (unless you'd rather not, that's ok, too)