Friday, February 12, 2010

Photos of the Day After

With the federal government on a delayed opening/unscheduled leave day, I checked with my boss to see if he could pick me up as my driveway is still not shoveled out (since he lives just a couple of minutes from me). He was leaving earlier then I had planned so I guess it's an unscheduled leave day for me today!!

Side of house view on Sunday after the first storm

Photo of side of house yesterday after the Wednesday storm. Notice the much longer icicles.

Birdy prints

The "tunnel." I had to shovel three times with each scoop, first the top layer, then the middle layer, then the bottom layer, before I could move forward. My back was NOT happy by the end of the day.

Possumlady Place held up just fine.

No, they weren't napping--Chunky Lisa and Figaro showing their displeasure of mom's use of the "flashy box".


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...


Doesn't that remind you of Minnesota snows when we were kids?

JC said...

Sorry you have so much snow.
The tunnel is something I would see up at our local Mt.
You cats are adorable ^,,^

las794 said...

Oh, man, just looking at that tunnel, my back hurts in sympathy! I sure hope you guys get a break from all that snow soon!

Amy & the house of cats said...

Oh my gosh too much snow! We hope it doesn't snow any more there!

Have a great weekend - stay nice and warm!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

No wonder your back hurts,, That is a lot of snow.. LOve that last picture.. HUgs GJ x

KGMom said...

Yup--looks the same one two punch of storms that hit us.
We too have tunnels, on sidewalks and around driveways.
Possumlady place looks good and cozy.
Hope your back has forgiven you.
I had knee trouble after I waded through hip deep snow up to our backyard to feed my neighbor's hutch bunny. She doesn't feed it or give it water everyday, so I do. I know it (actually he--Hoppy)needs it with this cold weather.

Carolina Mountains said...

Thats a lotta snow! we hae had a bit too this witner. Happy Valentines Day!

Murr Brewster said...

Awe-inspiring tunnel. That tunnel is a childhood fantasy (only mine had a roof too). Thanks for doing all the work!