Friday, February 5, 2010

This Could Be The Start of Something Big

If you've been following me on facebook, you know that the DC area is getting into a world of hurt with another snow storm. Not just ANY snowstorm, this could break records. First they were talking about around a foot of snow. Then 12-18 inches. Then 12-24 inches. Now some weather models are saying we could get close to 30 inches!! Oh, and not just snow either, 35-50 mph winds tonight.

I've done as much as I could for the evening regarding a couple of semi-feral strays that come around. I know one stays under my shed out back. I've made sure that one little area will not get covered up and have put a lot of food under the shed. There is also a small insulated dog house on the side of my house under my eaves away from the wind. I also made a canopy from an old bedspread that is hanging over my wicker on the front porch to make sure the food and water doesn't get snowed under.

Now my biggest concern is the electricity going out. This is a very heavy wet snow and we have lots and lots of big trees around here so I'm crossing my fingers and saying prayers tonight. The news folks are also stressing that we need to shovel multiple times so that we are literally not killing ourselves trying to shovel two feet of heavy wet snow.

Taking a break after my first shoveling around 7:30 tonight to take a picture of little Possumlady Place. Hmmm, do I see something or someone in the window?

Can you see little Figaro's black head on the lower right of the window? He was desperate to get out. Not on my watch mister!

Then there's Woody--"Snow, what snow? Could you close the door please, I'm feeling a draft".

Okay, it's 10:00 pm and I'm going out for my second shoveling and last one of the night. Wish me luck!!

11:00 pm update: WHEW! Well, I shoveled over a foot of snow. Luckily my neighbor across the street was also out and he helped me. I just can't imagine what it will be like tomorrow morning. The weather folks have said the heavy stuff is just beginning! The wind is picking up and I saw a flash of light. They did mention the possibility of Thunder snow. The canopy on the porch is not working because the wind is so strong it is blowing snow on all the food and water. I just threw a handful of dry kibble into the little igloo in case Pyewacket makes his way here. Good times....good times

I'm taking a naproxen and calling it a night.

Feb 6, 6:30 am update
To quote Christopher Walken as "the Continental" -- "Wow, wowee, wow, wow, wow! The good news is I still have electricity!!! The bad news is that it is STILL snowing like mad and the wind is blowing like crazy. I had my first really good belly laugh of the day as I opened the front door. Of course, the outside kitties made a bee line for the front porch. They all stopped dead in their tracks on the snowy porch floor and looked at me like "what the #%$@!! Then Chunky Lisa led them down the front steps. At the bottom she almost disappeared into the snow. She had a hard time trying to get going but she almost flew back up the front stairs and back into the house as did the other three. I promise to have my camera at the ready next time. Will keep you updated with photos throughout the day (what the heck else can I do, except for shoveling of course!!)
9:30 am update

I went out around 7:30 for my 3rd shoveling. Uff da!!

First casualty of the storm--no cable tv!! Boo Hoo. Oh well, with hearing transformers blowing out around me, I should be thankful I still have power. Hearing on the radio that over 200,000 are now without.

My polar bear flag looks quite appropriate, no?


CD said...

Wish you the best tonight. Bless you for all your efforts with shelter & food for the poor little ferals.

p.s. love the pic of your house with the kitty ears in the window

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I love that picture to Christine.
Take care of yourself and the kitties the best you can.
Thinking of you this AM.

Dog_geek said...

Whew - I'm glad that you still have power! It is still snowing here, too - hard to keep up with the shoveling, but they said on TV that shoveling snow burns 400 calories an hour, which is good, since I don't think I can get out to go to the gym!

Alley Cats and Angels of North Carolina said...

Thanks for all you did for the strays/ferals around your house. I hope you don't lose power. Good luck.

And I must say, from what I can see of your house, it looks absolutely adorable.

KGMom said...

Stay safe, Christine. Glad you have neighbors who pitch in to help you shovel.

My husband got out his humongous snow blower--one he got 10 + years ago when we had a snowy winter, and which he hasn't used in 10 years. He was in his glory.
I went over to 3 different neighbors having trouble shoveling out, and he followed with the blower, and we got them all out.

Oh, those kitties of yours!
Love the pic of cosy looking Possumlady Place!