Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cat Tested and Approved

Things are moving along here at Possumlady Place. My work is getting a bit crazy again with upcoming orientation meetings for new board members and an early May board meeting. Luckily both are here in DC so no travel, which always adds a layer of stress to everything. The cherry blossoms have come and gone, so too, the Nuclear Security Summit.

I was cat sitting up the street a few weeks ago and last weekend my neighbor dropped off a beautiful woven basket from their travels in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico as a thank you gift.

I jokingly said that I hope the cats would leave it alone. I walked into the kitchen later that evening to see this

I just can't imagine this is comfortable. But I've long given up trying to figure out my cats.


A funny aside: I had to drop off some papers to my boss's house last night. His wife let me in and I was greeted by their dog T (a recently rescued 3-year old springer spaniel). T bounded up to me and then quickly spun and ran back to the kitchen/family room where my boss was. I gave my boss the documents that needed signing and we were all just chit chatting away in the kitchen. I saw T standing near his bed with his head down and called him to come over. He looked up with this big roast chicken looking toy in his mouth and stood there wagging his tail furiously. I said "what have you got there T?" My boss's wife cried out "he's got our chicken!" Apparently they had grilled a whole small chicken and it was resting on the kitchen counter and T decided to go for it. I was laughing so hard while my boss was yelling at poor T to "drop it". My boss got the chicken away not looking too bad except for a decent sized bite taken out of it. They were both SO embarrassed saying that he has NEVER done anything like that before. Of course T knew he was in trouble so he quickly came over and sat down right on my feet and was leaning against me looking all innocent. I can honestly say that I've never had to wrestle a cooked chicken away from one of my cats!


Dog_geek said...

Ha ha... I've never had a dog counter-surfing dog. But the cats... the cats are terrible! Not too long ago, I caught myself chasing Paco all over the house, a big meatball firmly clamped in his little mouth, leaving a trail a marinara sauce down the hallway. (And our cats would have curled up in that basket in an instant, too.

las794 said...

I'm usually careful not to leave food uncovered out in the open, but things have been a little chaotic lately, and a few days ago I caught Minnie with her face in my unfinished bowl of cereal (she snuck up there while I was getting *her* cereal!). I yelped & she jumped away. I don't know whether she actually ate any of it. I told myself she'd just sniffed the contents & not actually licked anything because, dang it, I was hungry! :D

Amy & the house of cats said...

That is a very pretty cat bed, er, basket! Anything that you think the cats won't want to sleep on, they sleep on.

And the story about T and the chicken is funny! Barney stole a fried maccaroni ball from me when he was little - it was bigger then his head but he grabbed it. That is the only time one of the cats actually took stuff that I was eating at the time or was about to eat.

KGMom said...

Oh my--T bad t. But a springer spaniel? How did he reach the counter?
Some friends of ours had a voracious yellow lab, but at least that dog was counter high to begin with.
Thanks for the laugh...