Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ahhh, Sweet Brief Relief

It seems like the entire country has been gripped with this awful heat wave. To say I've not gotten much sleep from last Monday through Friday would be an understatement. So on Friday night I decided to take some Tylenol PM to try and knock me out for the night since I didn't have to get up early on Saturday. Boy howdy did it work. I finally woke up with a start at almost 8:00 am!! The cats usually won't let me sleep past 6:30. Something seemed strange....hmmm......what was it..............OH MY GOD THE AIR CONDITIONER IS NOT RUNNING!!! What I have feared had come true! The thing had worked itself to death. I flew open the front door to be greeted by this incredible rush of cool dry air. Oh, happy day!! The AC is not broken, it has just finally cooled down! Needing to desperately go to the bathroom and with a long line of cats following me around wanting to get fed, I pushed all that aside to run around and open up every single window in the house and breath deeply for a few minutes. I could just feel my head clearing and my mood improving.

After taking care of my personal business and feeding the cats I decided to open up and assemble my new toy:

I have been looking at these for 3 years now. I entered every contest I could find to win one but no such luck. After I saw my neighbor with one a few months ago I decided to go ahead and buy one. Here she is after I assembled her:

This is a battery-operated lawn mower! Very cool, very quiet and very expensive!! It cost about twice what an electric lawn mower costs. But after dealing with just a push mower and a weed whacker for 8 years, I was desperate. I couldn't in good conscience get a gas mower and I've borrowed neighbors' electric mowers and I just hated dealing with the cord. I charged up the battery on Saturday and took her out this morning for a spin. I love her! I think I shall name her Nettie.....yes, Nettie Neut. Do you want to see the cutest thing about her.........

Her wheels have little newts imprinted on them!!

This is a great little mower for a small to medium yard. The battery will last for 45 minutes. More than enough for my yard. But if I wanted to, I could purchase an extra battery and have that charged and ready to go if the first one runs out. Very easy to pop the battery in and out. Also very easy to change the height of the mower for a closer cut. All in all, a very user friendly machine.

Well, I need to be off and do some inside cleaning. The humidity comes back for a spell in the middle of the week so I'm trying to get as much done as I can before I lose all my energy again.


cat59 said...

What a cool looking little lawnmower! And, eco friendly--so Takoma Park! Glad your a/c wasn't broken. Better sleep through medication--I'm all for it :-)

Mary said...

Possumlady, I've got to let my husband know about that lawn mower. Not that he needs one, but I think I'll know about something he *doesn't*. HA!

I know exactly how you feel because I've not been feeling well for a week. I spend too much time outside (which is very little in comparison in normal weather).

Oh, to open my windows again! I don't think I've opened my windows since late May. High of 98 today. At least it won't be 104.

possumlady said...

Yes, even in Takoma Park, lots of folks have the old gas mowers. I just couldn't buy one myself. Plus I hate to deal with gasoline and lubricating it, etc. All you need to do with this little gal is brush her off and she's ready to go again.

Mary, I hope you are getting some relief by now? It got down to 67 last night and dry to boot!