Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Creating a Sanctuary

I've heard and read that your bedroom should be your sanctuary. Mine has always been a place where I just crawl into bed and sleep. I've lived in my teeny tiny bungalow for over nine years now and I've painted the living room, kitchen and tv room but my bedroom has remained the same dirty white as when I moved in. I swear it probably hasn't been painted since the '70s. After all, since the bedroom is RIGHT off of the living room, I usually have the door closed when company comes.

Well, I've had enough. Don't I deserve a nice room too?! Of course I do. Problem is, I didn't want to deal with the work involved in cleaning out the room, moving very heavy furniture (by myself), dust and wash the walls, THEN paint. Then came the color choices. Do I want something cool or bright? Or cool AND bright? My biggest mistake was last year I decided on paint color by consensus. Friends at work weighed in as did neighbors. A nice buttery yellow was decided. I bought the paint and painted the ceiling white last year, then I just stopped. I don't know why but I never finished it. I finally decided after all this time that I didn't really LOVE the color. It was very pretty and would have looked great with my white furniture, but I didn't really LOVE it. Sooo, I went back to square one and started looking at colors again. This time, I didn't tell ANYONE. I decided on a BRIGHT yellow-green called Pear from Behr. I went out on Friday to pick it up and when I got to Home Depot I decided it was just too bright and too yellow. This has happened SO many times I was bound and determined to pick a color RIGHT THEN AND THERE! So, after about a half hour I picked a bright green-yellow named Honeydew. Oh, I was excited. Bought the paint, came home and couldn't wait to paint. But, then, I still needed to clean out, dust, wipe down and move furniture. I didn't start painting until just yesterday.

Want to see the color?

Lordy, was I mad at Butterball when I took this picture!! I had thought all the cats were out and he somehow snuck in and planted himself against a wall. I screamed-- he ran--I chased him out. Then I thought, "well, better get a photo for my blog at least"

Okay, now let's see what the color really looks like,

It's a very bright springy green. You know what the terrible thing is--I don't think I like it!!! I'm now thinking of a more softer icy blue. BUT, at least it is painted and it looks a heck of a lot better then it ever has. I'm going to live with it for a while to see if it grows on me.


KGMom said...

Oh no, cat with paint!
I'll bet that all the cats were out, and then Butterball TIME TRAVELED back into the room! They can do that, you know.
Oh too bad you don't like the color now that it's on. It is tough to know what it will look like when it covers your walls and not just the sample swatch.

cat59 said...

I was wondering how you were doing with painting your bedroom. I think it looks nice--bright, refreshing, happy! I think you should live with it for a while, although if you really think you want to repaint, it would be easier while all of the furniture is still out. At least you know your room is clean and fresh! I think it will grow on you. Congratulations on making yourself do all the work. Photo of Butterball is so funny.

Mary said...

Possumlady... cats and paint don't mix well :o)

I painted a living room what I thought was going to be a "dusty rose" back in tne mid-80's, when pinks and blues were the rave. When it dried, I squinted at Pepto Bismal Pink. Everyone I know still remembers that horrible pink that I left on the walls for 5 years before I changed it. Paint can really challenge you...

possumlady said...

Hmmm, time traveling that makes a LOT of sense!! And, it answers many questions on how they got places when I knew a door or window was closed.

Well, I've lived with it a few days and I don't dislike it anymore, but I don't LOVE it either. I think a friend had the best idea. I'm going to bite the bullet and by quart cans of a pretty blue and a light lavender and paint a wall each and see what I like most.

Mary, I remember the blue and pink stage in the 80s! A certain someone I know (they will remain nameless) has that pepto bismal pink in their house and loves it!!

KGMom said...

Here's an idea--my daughter had her bedroom painted on wall pale lavendar and the rest green. It really worked. Maybe?

How's Woody?