Wednesday, October 10, 2007


My mind, that is....Things are starting to get crazy at work preparing for our fall governing board meeting and my association's annual conference the first week of November. We'll be in the Windy City--Chicago. I do love Chicago and hope we have some frosty weather when I'm there.

Also the hot dry weather here has not helped! Well, dry as in no rain, but it is still humid. I just heard on NPR driving home tonight that on the East Coast the humidity levels have risen 2.2% over the last decade. (Have I ever mentioned that I HATE humidity?) I think I have a few times. But hopefully the weather should be breaking tomorrow and the forecast weekend highs are for the mid-60s!! At times like this I kind of shut down and retreat from the world. I have been bad about blogging and keeping up with other bloggers. I just don't really have anything interesting or original to say or comment on right now. My animals are my saviors. It's amazing that the same cats that can drive me to drink (well, maybe not drink...usually sugar) having to clean up cat vomit (Butterball) or cat pee (Greybeard), are the same animals that keep me sane during stressful times. I do love them so...each in their own special way. So, a couple of photos please....

All together now.......Awwwww. Lisa and Chloe. Both cats came over from my neighbor's house. With all my neighbor's dogs and the constant arrival of new foster cats and dogs, it was just too much for these two nervous nellies. They have calmed down and blossomed here at the Possumlady Home for Wayward Cats. This photo makes me laugh as it reminds me of a time when friends of mine were over a number of years ago. We went out to get something to eat and when we returned, my friend Paul (who really dislikes cats), walked past two of my cats who were curled up just like the photo, glanced at them, and said "get a room!" sentiments exactly!


cat59 said...

Double Awwwwww. . .I don't think I've heard of Lisa. Hopefully you are feeling a wee bit better now that the temps have dropped. It's in the 60s here in Laguna Beach, too. I love it!

cat59 said...


You should check out the most recent post at Dave's Armchair:
You will appreciate it.

Mary said...

Is that a paper grocery bag behind that one photo? Best cat toy on earth.

We had a cool spell, too but the temps are rising into the 80's again. We need RAIN!

I found Maryland to be humid, but Delaware takes the prize.