Sunday, February 24, 2008

Updates on Delhi, Butterball, and "Bob"

February 19 (from The Elephant Sanctuary)

Delhi is still lying down and still doing well. She has had a couple of things pop up
in the past couple of days: a wet dermatitis in her ear folds, which is being treated with an antibiotic antifungal powder, along with a discharge in her urine, which is being treated with cranberry capsules and vitamin C (no need for supplements there, she is eating a bucket of oranges a day). But one look at the sweet smile on her serene face and you know that Delhi is still here because she wants to be and we are more than happy to be there for her and spend this time with her trying to make sure she is as happy now as she has always made us.

Tarra (the elephant) visited her the other day and enjoyed the giant pile of sawdust and endless supply of hay she found in Delhi’s stall. She backed up ever so gently to Delhi with her tail out and picking her foot up slightly—she was very easy with her. Misty and Dulary are still spending time with Delhi, but also are comfortable enough to spend part of the day away from her playing and napping in the south yard. And our sensitive Winkie can be found in the corner of the stall with her trunk out, looking very softly at Delhi. Once again, the girls seem to be making sure that we understand that this can all be done with the utmost grace, dignity, sensitivity, care
and love.



I felt I had to go back on my word to Butterball and take him for another ride to the vets last Tuesday. It just seems like he is disappearing before my very eyes. The vet confirmed that he has lost another pound in the past month, making it a total of almost 3 pounds in four months. A drastic loss in weight so quickly, I asked the vet about a possible thyroid problem. Apparently, when I had the thorough blood workup done a few months ago, they did check his thyroid and there were no problems, along with normal levels for his kidneys and liver. The vet said the next step would be to take an xray of his abdomen for which he would need to be sedated. Another decision, but one that was quickly made as I was driving to work that same day. What would the purpose of the xray be? To see if there was a growth or tumor in his abdomen. Then what? At 15 years old, weakened by weight loss and the occasional respiratory problems, I just cannot subject Butterball to the stresses of major surgery.

The vet also said we could just be going on a witch hunt and not find any "smoking gun" as to his weight loss and, drastic as it may be, could just be his aging process. He is still a very content guy, jumping up on chairs, tables and countertops. At night, still pressing his face against mine while purring both of us to sleep.

So, I will take my cues from The Elephant Sanctuary and love him and make him as comfortable as possible.



Well, as soon as I posted my note about my new roomie, Bob the stink bug, he started slowing down and the very next day found him belly up next to my computer. Cheers Bob, I hardly smelled ye.


I still feel I need to add a photo or two even though I have nothing to go along with the stories above. So, enjoy my one bad shot of the lunar eclipse and some quiet time with a cardinal having a drink outside the window over my kitchen sink (just ignore the house sparrows)...


Mary said...

Heartwarming news about Dehli. Keep us informed.

Bob...I agree with you. If he's still playful and purring, why ruin that with surgery? Dear kitty.

Cute video minus the hosp :o)

KGMom said...

Thanks for the update on Delhi.
And poor Butterball. Hope things start to look up.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hello! Thanks for the updates on Dehli. I am glad that she is still with us. I think elephants are very special animals.

My cat, Lovey, is about 17 years old. A couple of years ago she starting getting sick several times a day. I took her to the vet and they did an x-ray. It showed a possible tumor in her stomach. They said that they could operate to find out for sure. I told them I would have to think about this. I got some pill to calm her stomach down. I called back a couple of days later and told them I wasn't going to subject her to an operation at her age and asked if they would just keep giving me the pills as needed. They do. She isn't in any pain and like Butterball still runs around the house like a loon. Also, like Butterball, she is losing weight fast even though she now eats four times a day. As long as she is happy and not in pain, I am happy. Good luck with Butterball.

Sorry for being so gabby. Please keep us updated on Dehli and Butterball. I am sorry about Bob.