Monday, March 2, 2009

SNOW Update

Yes, we do have snow!!! Yipee Skipee!!! Woke up around 5:45 this morning. Heard one lone cardinal singing his spring song so I ran out in my bathrobe and boots to clear off the bird feeders and throw out more peanuts but they have all disappeared in the snow already. So, so pretty. It really does make everything look fresh and clean.

See for yourself...

I'll update throughout the day.

Update at 7:50 pm
Oh it was a windy and snowy and sunshiney day today. I loved it. I can understand how people can get tired of it (being from Minnesota, believe me, I remember). But seeing as it is going to get up to around 60 by the end of the week this is just pure fun.
Hard to believe this will all be gone in a few days.

Had to make sure the suet cakes were out for Mr. and Ms. Red-Bellied and the Downy twins.
Since all the seed was covered with snow and throwing out more just sank, I put out this little birdy buffet with safflower seeds and shelled and unshelled peanuts. By late afternoon it brought in a flock of about 50 grackles--scurreech!! My first impulse was to shoo them away but then I thought, hey, they gots to eat too. I let them go nuts and then just refilled the buffet after the flock moved on.
Back to reality and work tomorrow.


KGMom said...

Awww-Christine--very sweet. Your narration.
Yes, SNOW.
We got a bit here in Harrisburg. I think cities to the east got more--e.g. Philadelphia, NYC and Boston.
Glad you got snow--and a day off.

Dog_geek said...

We got about 6 inches here. The new puppy is wondering what happened to the world as she knew it - she doesn't like it very much!

Susan Greene said...

So glad you got it and we didn't for once! Enjoy!

Mary said...

Finally! DC/Baltimore/Philly has had good years and bad years. I'm glad you got your day. It is soooo pretty.

Our snow didn't start until after dark yesterday and stopped while we slept. A heavy, wet snow that covered tree branches and made them sag way low... Only 4 inches but I'll take it.

The birds really needed us today!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Yay!! I'm glad you git the snow and that you had a pre-planned "snow day".

troutbirder said...

Beautiful post. And its reminds me why I should be more appreciative of those Minnesota snow storms.