Sunday, March 1, 2009

Winter Storm Warning!? Be Still My Heart...

It's frustrating being a snow-lover and living in the DC area. Oh yes we've had some serious snowfalls but nothing to speak of in the last seven years. Our average winter snowfall is between 10-13 inches. This year we have had less then 2! It seems like every major snow storm this year has stopped just short of the DC area.
Last week the weather folks started the usually cautious forecasts of the possibility of some "accumulation" this weekend. Like a scorned lover, I had heard it all before. I was not going to be fooled again into the hope of some real snow.
But it does look like we might actually get some serious snow tonight and tomorrow! Have I now jinxed it by putting my hopes in writing? We started with some sleet and a dusting last night.

I also was feeling like I was jinxing the whole thing by gassing up my car and stocking up on a healthy supply of bird food. But we shall see. I'll say I'm cautiously optimistic!

Figaro, on the other hand, is quite nonplussed by the whole snow thing and thinks his mom is quite strange bopping around the house doing something she calls a "snow dance".

I'll keep you all posted on the events as they unfold.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I like Figaro's white whiskers and matching white eyebrows.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Christine! I wish you lots of snow. In fact, I wish you all the snow that we are supposed to get:o) I don't like snow. When I was young, oh yeah. No school. Let mom and dad prepare in the event we lost electric.
Who knows, maybe if we do get the snow they say, I'll make a snow angel. Or a snowman. Or both. Enjoy. Lisa

Mary said...

Figaro is sweet - a silent kitty with his ears on you :o)

I hope you get your snow, Christine. You should have it.

I'm still waiting for something to happen. They'll probably change their minds on us. I can't imagine more than 1/2" here. Never any photo opps, either since it melts so quickly. Darn.


KGMom said...

We have had the same winter just a hour and a half north of you. Forecast after forecast has fizzled. This time it was--maybe some snow--so I just sneered and said NO WAY. Well, it snowed a bit overnight and by 10 a.m. it had all melted.
Tomorrow more is forecast--I don't believe it.