Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still Missing You

Can it possibly be an entire year since I last scratched the top of your head…your big round belly…or tickled your little rumpy riser tail? If it’s St. Patrick’s Day, then it must be true. My big Irish boy-o of a manx, Butterball, left this world a year ago today. I sat on the couch this morning looking at his favorite chair and had a good cry with Apu sitting in my lap.

B-man, you would be proud of your little brother Apu. He has really grown in the year you have been gone. Folks are still surprised when they come over to the house and Apu comes out of the bedroom to greet them. And, while I still watch him having a silent paw whapping skirmish with Sweet Pea and Woody, I also watch him as he shares my lap with Woody and will tenderly wash Woody’s face and head. Butterball, you taught him well.

Has anyone read the novel that came out a few years ago, The Lovely Bones?

Spoiler Alert!
It is a story about a young teenage girl (Susie) who gets brutally murdered very early in the book. Susie then narrates the rest of the book from heaven while she watches over her family and friends. It was a fascinating book (although the ending was a little over the top for me). The part though that made me cry and put down the book for a moment was while Susie was looking on from heaven, she watched as her dog grew older and more infirmed after each passing year. Then one day in heaven, something came rushing over to Susie. It was her dog. He was in perfect health again and so happy to see her.

One can only hope that is how heaven will be. If so, I’ll have quite the animal menagerie around me!!

So tonight I will raise a glass of beer in honor of Butterball. I hope his Irish eyes are smiling down on me today and every day.

You are still deeply loved and greatly missed by everyone here at Possumlady Place. You are still my main man.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

A year all ready? I'll bet he purrs in your ear when you need it most.

KGMom said...

Oh my--one year. I do remember when Butterball died and you wrote such a wonderful tribute to his life, and his meaning to you.
Oh, yes--I read The Lovely Bones--I completely forgot about her dog, though. I loaned that book to a friend of mine whose daughter had died--and I warned my friend that at times the book is a bit dark. Her response--I like dark.
I think when you go through difficult times, sometimes "dark" is comforting.
Here's to Butterball!

Dog_geek said...

Awww, sweet tribute to Butterball. I really love the painting of him - it is nice to have that to remember him by.

Mary said...

Christine, you made me laugh and cry within a minute. Cheers to Butterball! I just raised my cup of wine in his honor.

I know you miss him.