Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ghost Garden

So I returned last night from my neighbor's art exhibit that she put on. This was a truly amazing exhibit. My neighbor Stephanie decided months ago to try and get the Takoma Park Arts community together and see if they could collaborate on something. She invited everyone over to her house first as a getting to know each other event. Then they started brainstorming. What they decided on doing was that the visual artists (painters, sculptures, collage artists) would loan a piece of their work, to a poet. The poet then lived with the piece of art for a number of months and then wrote a piece of poetry about the piece of art. The exhibit last night was called "Artists Inspiring Artists" and had the pieces of art hung up with the poem framed and hanging next to it. Really innovative and fun!!

So, I returned last night just when things were getting dark. It was oppressively hot and humid and I was already hearing low rumblings of thunder in the distance. Then I saw something I had been looking for since early May. I was getting worried since I hadn't seen it yet. So I ran and got my camera and tried taking some photos while moving and this is how they came out

ooooo, scary

This one was a little more in focus

I had no idea of I was getting anything until I uploaded the photos, Then, I saw it!

Look towards the lower center, slightly to the left. Do you see the little light? It's a firefly!! They're back!!! I love them. They get so numerous that my yard looks like a fairy garden at night. Man it was hard to photograph them. My flash was going off and I can only assume the flashing males saw this huge flash and thought "Man, that is one big firefly, I better get out of here quick!"


KGMom said...

Oh, possumlady--I am still sitting here chuckling at the thought of the fireflies seeing your flash and saying--man, that's a big one.
Too too funny.

Mary said...

Here, too! LOL!

Intriguing photos, Possumlady. I'll bet you were eager to download them and see what you captured! Very nice.

possumlady said...

Hi all,

It was funny because I was just taking photos randomly whenever I saw a firefly, hoping they'd flash when I was taking the photo, but whenever my flash went off the fireflies would disappear. It's not like they move real fast. So the only thing I could think of is that my flash scared them away.

I had it on the night feature. Maybe I'll try it on the sport function next time to see if it can be less blurry.