Thursday, June 28, 2007

Puerto Rico....My hearts devotion...............

......Let it sink back in the ocean. Always the hurricanes blowing, always the population growing....

Okay, who knows the musical where this song is from?? I'll reveal in the comments if no one knows.

So, I've been so busy at work preparing for our summer board meeting. By the time I get home I have virtually no energy to post or to even read. PLUS, there is something wrong with my laptop at home. For some reason, I cannot post comments or even look at comments on my or other blogs! When I click on the comments, a box has always popped up saying there are secure and unsecure items listed, do you want to see all, then you click yes, or no. Well, I always click yes and that is that. Now, no matter what I click the message still comes up and freezes my computer so I have to shut down and start over. And, I have no energy to try and figure out what is wrong. So, I'm taking a break from work (Shhh) to send out a quick post.

Has anyone been to Puerto Rico? That is where our summer board meeting will be. In San Juan actually. I'll be there for almost four days. But, instead of spending my time here:

I'll be seeing this from 8:00 a.m. until 5 to 6:00 pm every day

Plus my job is to make sure all the arrangements are set, food is on time, etc. when I'm not taking minutes at the meeting. So my days are actually longer than the basic board meeting.

The hotel I'll be staying at is the Caribe Hilton. It is right on the beach (it actually has a private beach). That is the first photo posted. It is on 17 acres of lush tropical gardens and also boasts a bird sanctuary, shown below!!

So I'm hoping to get out in the early a.m. for some walking around. I'm thinking of getting a basic "Birds of Puerto Rico" guide to see what they have. I asked my hotel contact what to expect in regards to the weather. She just laughed and said "hot and humid". Oh great, out of frying pan and into the fire!!

I better get back to work. I have to figure out menus for 25 people for 3 1/2 days of eating!! No matter what I choose, I always get compliments and complaints.


cat59 said...

Well, it looks like a nice Board room :-) I was in Puerto Rico one day because it was one of the ports on our cruise. We had a quick bus tour of the San Juan and a stop at an old fort with a spectacular view. When I heard you were going to P.R., I thought how nice that was and then I realized that it's P.R. in July!! I hope you get to see some interesting birds. Good luck with those menus! When are you leaving?

cat59 said...

P.S.--Are those lines from West Side Story?

KGMom said...

Definitely West Side Story--Puerto Rico, my heart's devotion. . .the lead in to I LOVE TO BE IN AMERICA. Such a fun number.
I have not been to PR but my daughter & fiance won a trip on Jet Blue and went to PR for spring break. They liked it very much.

cat59 said...

Hey, Possumlady. Go check out my blog for a few photos of P.R.

possumlady said...

I guess I'm not the only one who memorized the lines to the songs from West Side story! Before my oldest sister was married in August of 1969, my future brother-in-law stored a bunch of stuff at our house. One thing was his record collection that included West Side Story. Being not quite 10 years old, I didn't know the premise of the story but since I lived on the "West Side" of St. Paul, I was intriqued. That summer I played the album every day nonstop learning the songs by heart. I remember them all even today!

Mary said...

No, I've never been to Puerto Rico, Possumlady, but I'm glad you will be there! Being the one who always made the travel arrangements and attended a few meetings in remote places, I had to sneak time to explore but I've never been out of the country to do it. You are fortunate! You WILL find time to enjoy - take that darn camera, and if someone approaches you with a minor problem while you are enjoying the view, tell them to "back off - I'm busy here...can't you see?" LOL!

Hot, humid climates cause me a lot of grief with the hair thing. If you suffer the same, pack plenty of styling aids. That's all I can suggest. I'll say it again - take the camera and a swimsuit.

I have found that food is very important to adults at meetings. Most are pleased with anything but there are that 5% who whine. Let them know there are fast-food restaurants in the area. Then go enjoy yourself.

Sorry, I got on a roll and rambled too much.

When are you leaving?

possumlady said...

Mary, I know the drill with meetings. Yes, you always get the whiners. Also, if I happen to stay a day or two longer (not this trip), I will eventually run into a board member with requests and questions. I always smile and say "you know, I'm in vacation mode and will forget what you said in a minute. The best thing would be for you to email me so I have it when I return"

Oh, and NO swimsuit for me! I wouldn't subject innocent bystanders to that sight!!