Friday, June 22, 2007

TGIF!! (Thank God I'm Feline)

Butterball and his sidekick Apu relaxing on an absolutely beautiful Friday evening. Windows open, cool breeze, low humidity. A rare and wonderful summer evening in suburban Maryland.

Buddy, the neighborhood bully. A sweet cat that craves human attention but beats up on all the other cats. I have a supersoaker on my front porch, filled and ready for him. In this photo, he is quiet and relaxed not bothering anyone. I think it is the wonderful weather.

Woody (aka, Baby Huey). I took in Woody as a stray in June of 2002. He was the most emaciated kitten I had ever seen. He has since grown into the largest of my herd weighing in at a whopping 20 pounds! He loves absolutely everyone. If Woody were a dog, he would be a big goofy black lab.

Hey, wait a minute! Okay, I just had to post this photo of Rocky who came up on the porch to feed a few nights ago during a thunderstorm, hence his spiky fur-do. He does make an effort to blend in with the rest of the cats though.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I hope your weather is as amazing as it is here!


Mary said...

Open windows in Maryland and low humidity? Wow - we are in lockdown here!

Butterball and Apu know how to relax. Cats in the window on a nice summer evening...they're imagining all sorts of things.

Is Buddy your cat, or does he just visit to create a riot?

Woody is only 4 pounds lighter than each of my dogs. Hmmmm. Does his belly drag the ground?

You named a Raccoon? Is he a friend of the family, or what?

possumlady said...

Mary, yes this weekend will be one to remember. The weather person last night said "if you are from out of town and visiting the monuments, rest assured this is not typical June weather!" Reality will set in on Monday when the humidity returns with temps in the 90s.

Buddy is my neighbor's cat. Actually she fosters lots of dogs and cats and Buddy is one of them. It's wonderful what she does but since she has so many she doesn't spend much time with any one animal. So if they need attention they all seem to find their way to my home. It's just not in my nature to scare/shoo away cats.

Woody is just a really big cat. When I found him emaciated, the vet thought he was around 8 months old, but he weighed 10 pounds! That is the average weight for a cat, so for him to be emaciated at 10 pounds you can imagine how big he must be.

Oh yes, I name all the animals that make regular visits to my yard. I also have two possums (I am partial to them you know), that I've named Paquito and Pedro.

KGMom said...

We are just a little further north than you, and we have had some nice cool evenings. Yes, windows open, or we sit out by the pool looking at flowers.
I love the pussy cat photos--isn't it amazing, the little kittens we rescue turn into BIG cats.

Mary said...

Hey, I name wild animals, too (wink)

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Why is it that the largest cats seem to be orange tabbies? We have "Annie"--my daughter's diabetic, 15-yo stray--and no matter how we restrict food, she grows!

possumlady said...

Mary, how could I forget your bluebird couple!? Were they Frankie and Johnny?

kgmom, everytime I've taken in a stray, I always think "what's one more cat" and then it always turns out that it is a big deal to take in another cat! The heat is coming back tomorrow but at least I'll be workng.

Nina, It also seems that the orange tabbies are also the most calm and laidback.

cat59 said...

Hey Possumlady,

I just created my own blog! You may be the only person that knows my real identity that I tell. Afterall, who knows what I will post? I want my anonymity. Next, I need to figure out how to post photos.

Anonymous said...

Hey. I recognize those faces. But where oh where is Jellybean? We just got back from Narrow Passage Farms. Koko and I encountered a grazing doe on our way to the mailbox. She looked up a few times but kept nibbling til we breached her comfort zone and she bound away, justly annoyed I imagined.

Purple Marlins divebomb the open porch as do wasps and hornets.
I was informed by a local that the Shenandoah area is home to water moccassins and rattlers. Hope we can all live in harmony!