Friday, May 11, 2007


Some of you know that long ago I spent a vacation in the South of France, volunteering for a restoration project. The group that sponsors the trips is La Sabranaque and they are located in the tiny village of St. Victor La Coste (near Avignon). They rebuild and restore 10th and 11th century buildings, cisterns, and paths by hand (as they were done back then). It was an amazing experience. Also the food and wine wasn't so bad either. You're in Cotes du Rhone territory and when you need more wine you just bring your large 5 gallon jugs with wicker around them to an area like a gas filling station, where they literally pump wine into your own jugs.

Anywho, I still get email newsletters from them on the projects they are working on and I decided to look them up on the web. Oh, it brought back so many memories looking at the photos of the village that for two weeks one summer, I called home. Then I saw this photo

This was where we ate every day. The photo is grainy and a bit elongated but I started looking at the people and I kept thinking "I remember her", "is that what's his name?" Then I saw ME! Can you find me in the photo? Remember, it was over 15 years ago, but I'm there!


Anonymous said...

I can't really make out anyone well enough to identify someone. I went to their website because I thought the photo might be clearer, but it wasn't. You must be one of the 3 women seated on the left in the foreground of the photo--the one in pig-tails or the one with sunglasses? It's only been 15 years, and yet isn't there such a huge difference between being 32 and being 47? Have you ever thought about going back to participate in that project again?

possumlady said...

Oh, well, nice try, but you're wrong. I'm standing at the end of the first table. My hair was darker then (it was before the days of coloring). I was wearing this purple and white short-sleeved sun dress thingy.