Friday, May 4, 2007

Okay, just one more post on Dulary!!

The past three days have been filled with new adventures and blossoming friendships for Dulary. Finally, her need for sleep caught up with her. The amazing thing is that less than 48 hours after meeting the first Sanctuary resident, Dulary felt comfortable enough to lie down and sleep in their presence. Misty adores Dulary and stood over her as she slept, obviously providing the sense of security Dulary needed to have a restful nap.

(Did you know that elephants only sleep 4 hours during a 24 hour period? And not all at once either, instead, they take little 20-30 minute ele-naps throughout the day.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing another photo and post about Dulary. Doesn't the Elephant Sanctuary have a web cam? I think I tried it once, but couldn't get on. Could you post the address (if I am not imagining things)? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I did an internet search for the sanctuary and found all the information I could want! However, the elecam only shows me a still photo of some grass and trees. I was able to view other videos at the site.

possumlady said...

Hi there,

The elecam does seem like it is a still photo but it really is working. I think they have about 10-12 cameras stationed around the sanctuary with tv monitors in an office. Someone is usually there to make sure to switch cameras to where some elephants are but sometimes all you get are fields of nothing. I also think on the weekend they are not as staffed so we probably aren't getting as many viewings as we do during the week. When you need a break from work for a few minutes, check them out during the week!