Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nature will do as she pleases

Alright, so I'm supposed to be taking this week off to paint my bedroom and do some yard work, but I just had to show this gorgeous photo of my spiderworts

I can't think of a more beautiful color. The problem is, I have been trying for years to get clusters of spiderworts to grow around my birdbath. I dig up stray ones and plant them around the birdbath. When they go to seed I sprinkle them around the birdbath also. You want to see what it looks like this year?

While just a couple feet away, I have this:

And right next to my driveway I have this:

Sooo, I just tell folks that I've planned it this way! Okay, one more photo of my coral bells and the last of my bleeding hearts then I'm off for more brush clearing! (Oh, and I know, I need to clean and fill that birdbath!!


nina at Nature Remains. said...

Maybe you should move your birdbath?
I'm new to blogging, too. Love to get into a group, and, yep, another 47 y.o. virgo!
Keep at it, I'll be back to visit.

Anonymous said...

Great suggestion, Nina! That is a very pretty flower and I love the color, too, but what a terrible name--"spiderworts"! We also have bleeding hearts and we have some that are white. Isn't it strange that a flower called bleeding heart would come in white?! Hope you enjoy your week off. Love the photos.

possumlady said...

Welcome Nina! Thanks so much for stopping by. You are my first, non-family member/close friend to comment on my blog. Very exciting! I'll be checking our yours also.