Friday, May 18, 2007

Quick Post this Morning

For me, it doesn't get any better than a day like today to work in the yard and in the house. Cloudy (dark actually), with a chilly breeze. Won't even make it to 60 today! My kind of weather!

Just wanted to steer you to the Elephant Sanctuary's website where they have posted a new video showing Dulary's arrival. I wish I could provide a link but I'm just not that computer saavy yet. Go to then look to the middle of the page and click on Dulary (in green type), then scrowl down till you see a listing "more information about Dulary" Click on that and then click on "Dulary arrives (a video)" The video is 5 minutes long and so sweet to see. If you have little ones, they will love it. Make sure your computer sound is turned up since there are a couple of loud trumpets! The Elephant Sanctuary is not open to the public and it is wonderful to see her interacting with the other elephants in total silence (except for the ele-noises). Also, the Sanctuary gives them free access to everything from the very beginning. They are not forced off the truck, or made to go into the barn. These animals have not been given control over what they do since they were captured as babies. As you can tell with Dulary, it takes some getting used to.

Another thing that has made me a devoted Elephant Sanctuary fan is that they not only rescue elephants, but take in any and all stray dogs and cats that find their way to the area. They are all neutered/spayed, given their shots, then slowly introduced to the other cats and dogs, then eventually the elephants. With over 2700 acres, and three huge barns, there is more than enough space to go around. ENJOY!!


Anonymous said...

Loved the video of Dulary! When they touch trunks and foreheads, it is so interesting. Also, I had noticed before and forgot to say anything, but I am fascinated by the dogs and elephants getting along together!

possumlady said...

Yes, I've watched the video over and over. I love hearing the trumpets! To be honest though, not ALL the elephants like having the dogs around. Some of them get a little nervous if they get to close and will chase them away. The most facinating relationship is between Tarra and Bella the dog. Tarra has always had a facination with other species. She just wants to make friends with everything. I have a photo of her in an old calendar. It was taken when staff noticed her standing very still for a long time. Someone went out to investigate and she was watching a little sparrow that was singing on the fence. Bella the dog has actually become Tarra's dog, they are never separated and Bella will spend days out in the habitat with Tarra. In fact sometimes I've looked at the elecam and have seen a lone elephant. I always wonder who it is, but if I see a spot of white running along with the elephant, I know it is Tarra and Bella!