Thursday, May 24, 2007

RIP Charlie

See you in another world brutha


Anonymous said...

I stopped watching Lost this year after the first two episodes. Did Charlie die in the Season Finale??

possumlady said...

Yes, I'm still upset over it. I almost stopped watching it also after the first few episodes last fall. Charlie was bugging me and I was getting tired of watching Sawyer get beaten to a bloody pulp every week. After they came back from hiatus in January or February though the episodes got much better. More information given out, with lots of new plot twists and AHA moments. If they repeat it anytime over the summer I would watch it. Charlie died a hero.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Charlie died a hero. He was a good guy. I wonder if they will put the shows on DVD like they do with 24. If so, I could watch what I wanted and fast forward through other stuff. Do you watch 24? This season wasn't as good as others. The concept may be getting old at this point.

Any plans for this weekend?

possumlady said...

Never got into 24 for some reason. Never even seen one show. Last night after watching the movie Little Miss Sunshine, my TV stopped working. Sounded like a little electrical pop, then the screen went dark with no sound except for a loud hum. Guess it has bitten the bullet.15 years old. Do you remember, it was the tv Pat bought me after Paul died. I had bought a very old color tv in the 80s from Bob W. By the 90s I would have to slap it on the side to get color! One day in August of 92 I came home and the tv was on. It spooked me out because I never watch tv in the morning, so I crept inside and looked to see if anyone was there. Then I noticed that it was a brand new tv!! Pat had bought it, brought it over, hooked it up and took the old one away while I was at work.

Just came back from shopping and have a new 26" Phillips flat screen. Very light. Now I gotta see if I can lift the old behemoth off the tv stand.

Am going to my sister's tomorrow for a cookout. She is making ribs with many different sauces, two kinds of coleslaw and two kinds of potatoe salad. Oh, and homemade baked beans with rubarb pie for dessert!!

What are your guys doing?

Anonymous said...

Good luck lifting that old tv off the stand. Be careful! Those things can weight a ton. I'm sure you'll enjoy your new flat screen. Our most recent tv, bought about 6 months ago is a compromise--takes up less space than a regular tv, but is not as thin as a flat screen (or maybe it is a flat screen, but not a plasma?).

We do not have any special plans this weekend. I was moved to tears by an aritcle in the paper this morning, recognizing all the soldiers who have died since last Memorial Day. Such a travesty. Most were so young.

Dave's mom had surgery on Tuesday to remove a polyp from her colon. She is recovering amazingly well, but she is staying with us for a few days, so that is keeping us busy--especially Dave.

I bought a Jack Lalane juicer last week and am trying it out making various juice combos. Carrot, cabbage and apple is amazingly good. So far, my favorite is pear juice--Nectar of the Gods! (If I believed in that sort of thing)

Sounds like a great cookout menu. Hope you have fun!